Loving What you Perceive as your Creative Flaws

creative flaws, self-growth

Is it easier to point out your attributes or list your creative flaws? If I were to guess, I would say your list is a bit lopsided, and your ability to pick out what you would change is not only longer, but easier to write. So instead of looking at the points on your list as things to overcome or fix, why not take what you perceive as your creative flaws and learn how to love them?

The willingness to see all of who you are and use it to fuel your self expression and creative projects opens up a true sense of freedom, and allows you to play in ways that bust open how you see everything, especially your own capabilities. And once your windshield is clear, you begin to see how your creative flaws are also part of your gifts, making them easier to love.

Use the Holidays to Kickstart your Journey to Self-Growth

Yes, the holidays are a busy time…which is the best time to really tune into how you think and feel about yourself and your capabilities. When under stress you are forced to find a way to look at how to handle what’s presenting itself. It’s also when your creative flaws can seem a bit more obvious to you.

There is also an ongoing battle for or against a certain way of celebrating, shopping, cooking, parenting, gift giving and more. It can run you ragged and leave you feeling like the your biggest gift is compromising with everyone else, while your truth and desires get lost in the pile of discarded holiday wrapping paper.

So this year, instead of wasting energy on “playing the holiday game” why not ask for help from neighbors, friends or family to lighten your load, and spend dedicated time on your own self-growth and creative frustrations?

Getting to Know your Creative Flaws

To get started on loving your creative flaws, you first need to know what you perceive them to be. You will need five key things:

  • Dedicated time alone
  • A journal — preferably paper
  • Favorite writing tool
  • A consistent, simple meditation practice
  • Special treat/reward

You are the one who is first and foremost responsible for your self care. So set a dedicated time every day or a few days a week and let others know you aren’t available. How often you can take some time for yourself will determine how long you have to play and practice. There is no set structure or way to spend your time, but it is important to fit in some writing/reflection, meditation and a little reward.

I find it easiest to meditate first then write in my journal. It can be about what came up during meditation, a dream I’ve had or what I feel about any thought patterns or challenges present in my life right now. I also feel handwriting thoughts can be more effective because it forces your brain to work differently, and you won’t be distracted by all of the “time wasters” enticing you on the computer.

One of the most important parts of this practice is the reward! The energy of self-support is very motivating and fulfilling, so have a little treat to reward yourself after a creative flaw practice session. A piece of dark chocolate, a nice long walk, a favorite program — whatever energizes you to come back to the table again.

First Move to Neutral, Then Loving your Creative Flaws

You have to be neutral before you can move into love.

The trickiest part about this self-love exercise is not that it’s hard to move past your blocks and actually love your creative flaws, but it can be challenging to move past the barriers in order to truly view them objectively. The more you can connect with the bigger picture your perceived creative flaws show you, the closer you get to loving and accepting them as gifts you can use to grow into a deeper version of yourself.

And when you can actively and continually practice how to break through your own perceptions, you are mastering a skill that will serve you in all areas of your life.

Have you ever taken the time to look at a list of your own creative flaws? Is it an exercise worth doing for your self growth?

Photo credit: Borstal Boy