Are you Pushing a Specific Creative Agenda and Ignoring the Insight of the Moment?

  It’s nice to have plans and a clear creative agenda. It’s even more awesome when plans work out exactly as envisioned, and all the hard work and effort you invest pays off.   Then life happens. It lets you know in no uncertain terms that a key element of the creative process is being in the now - being in the true flow of life and creating in tandem with it. The ability to be flexible and open is a beautiful part of the way we all create because it invites us to explore and g … [Read more...]

Wake Up to Your New Creative Dawn

    As we transition into the fresh 365 days we call 2018, I find myself drawn to the idea of a new creative dawn - and what that really means for each of us.   In some ways it’s about tossing out old habits and finding new healthier ones. Letting go of baggage and getting clear on what we value and want with a more empowered focus. Setting goals and intentions. You know, standard January fare.   These very practical approaches are important tools, but focus … [Read more...]

Why Practicing Silence is a Super Ninja BFF for Creativity and Intuition

  Have you ever tried practicing silence? Total silence as in not uttering a peep, completely ignoring the neighbor's yappy dog and disconnecting from the siren song of your endless mind chatter?   Is there a part of you that loves the idea in theory, but find it hard to practice in every day life?   Well, welcome to the club! We are all trying to find our own path to quality quiet time in the digital age.   While practicing silence through a meditation … [Read more...]

Release, Surrender and Opening Up to Creative Renewal

As we cycle through the seasons, a natural rhythm evolves in the external world related to the earth, as well as in our inner world through creative renewal.   In spring it’s about planting seeds and taking care of them. When summer rolls around, we are surrounded by what’s grown ripe. In fall, harvest is in full swing, as we collect the bounty of what we’ve planted. In winter, the dormant earth reminds us to turn inward in order to release what’s not growing to begin again, guided by … [Read more...]

Intuitive Guidance is in the Little Creative Clues

  I believe in the power of little creative clues - the small objects, coincidences and connections that serve as external confirmation you are on the right path or far from it.   A creative clue can be anything that resonates with you or gets your attention, especially when you aren’t even looking for it. It can come into view when you are doing something you really love as easily as it can come into focus when you are doing something that’s not in alignment with what you rea … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Craft a Support Mantra

  A support mantra is one of the most effective tools in your creative tool belt. It’s your go-to phrase when you are stuck, feeling low or just need a little extra “oomph”. It’s also a quick way to bring your mind and body back to center and focus on the present - where your creative fire burns strongest.   Why do you need a support mantra? Encouragement and creativity go hand in hand. A strong internal support system plays the biggest part in how you brainstorm, innovate, dev … [Read more...]

Honoring the Birth and Death Cycle of Creativity

  The circle of creation and destruction is a daily ritual that starts with the sunrise and ends with the sunset. Each day, every single person on the planet has the opportunity to create, nurture and then lay something to rest. During this same 24-hour cycle also lies the opportunity to honor the creation and destruction cycle within yourself.   This circle of renewal and release can sound a bit ominous, but it happens all the time without you putting much thought into i … [Read more...]

Opening Awareness to your Creative Flow in Daily Life

It’s easy to say you want to be more connected to your creative flow in daily life. Yet, if I ask most people what being in the creative flow looks or feels like, it’s not easy to explain.   So, is it necessary to always “know” if you are in creative mode instead of just riding the wave of inspiration? Not at all. However, if you are feeling more and more disconnected from yourself, or if flickers of creativity seem to be missing from your life altogether, it can be a sign that your cr … [Read more...]

Thoughts or Assumptions: What Rules Your Inner Guidance?

To assume is to make an ass out of “u” and “me” -- at least that is what my ninth grade math teacher used to say. And to be clear, math was not my favorite subject (except for geometry). I often went into class with assumptions in tow -- “this is going to be hard and confusing, math is boring, I wonder if I will be called out to look like an idiot in class” -- and they morphed into new assumptions when my initial thoughts did or did not come true. Since the teacher made a habit of walking down th … [Read more...]