Trusting the Truth in a Memory

To really be honest with yourself requires digging into the memory banks. Splashing around and poking at things. Looking at what’s yours to own and what can be released into the ethers with confidence, knowing it’s time to let go of emotions or ideas that no longer serve you. But at the same time, our memories also hold what is closest to our hearts; the things that have come to shape us as human beings and propel us on our unique path in life. As heart warming or painful as they can som … [Read more...]

10 Simple Ways to Create an Emotional Release Plan

All of us need time to power down, disconnect from the world and find a way back to the space within. It’s not always easy with all the demands on our time and body, especially when so many people want more and more from us.   There is only so much the mind, body and spirit can take operating at that level. Pockets of energy build up, old emotional patterns and ways of thinking clog our perceptions and suddenly we feel run down, maxed out and anxious, not to mention exhausted. We may e … [Read more...]