Creative Expression and the Chakras: Sacral Chakra, Center of Passion, Desire and Creativity

Last week I kicked off a blog series exploring the 7 core chakras and how they influence self expression and creativity. Each chakra has a unique contribution to our overall internal energy flow and impacts how grounded, clear and freely we express ourselves in daily life. In this post, I share insights on the sacral chakra. It’s the best-known chakra when it comes to creativity and represents the “sweetness in life”; what makes it worth living. Where the root chakra serves as the primal root of … [Read more...]

Unexpected Pot Holes Make Great Trophies

In the course of a day, most people can quickly tell you the 10 things that went wrong compared to the 1000 that actually went off without a hitch. The douche that cut you off in traffic is the spawn of the devil. That granny had it out for you in the grocery store, getting in your way at every turn -- on purpose. Then there is the matter of the lunch bill where "you know who" skimped again. Even though these offenses are minor and not very often, we tend to hang on to those much longer than … [Read more...]

Where is the Color in Your Life?

Where is the Color in Your Life? When people wake up in the morning, often their first thoughts are about tasks or worrying about "what-ifs." How am I going to get through the day today? Is the commute going to suck? Are the kids going to get to school on time? Is my boss going to hassle me again? Am I going to find work today?… among several other arbitrary thoughts. These are universal thoughts most people experience as part of living and belonging to a family and community; its part of t … [Read more...]