Weekly Creativity Kick-start: Release with Peace

In a “doing” culture that constantly focuses on growth and moving forward, it’s easy to overlook the beauty of sweet release and how it can expand your creativity. There’s only so much head and heart space available and when it’s cluttered with old fears, disappointments or other people’s problems, creative inspiration can get crowded out of the picture altogether. So do you have a release plan, or in other words, a way to bless and finally let go of what has served you but is now free to go? … [Read more...]

Cutting Creative Baggage Loose

  Do you know your own creative baggage? Where it lives, hides or how it feeds itself? How about when it likes to make an appearance? This slippery little minx can make herself pretty scarce, and then suddenly reappear, sending you into a bit of a tizzy with no clear cause and a mess to clean up. So if this sounds familiar and you really want to shift away from drama, the most important question to ask yourself is this... Are you really ready and willing to shake your creative … [Read more...]

Diminishing Creative Gains? Time for a Gut Check

Every creative has experienced a period of diminishing creative gains. You know what I mean -- it feels like you are producing a product or a result more than creating something beautiful from the heart, and it can start to weigh on you. Clients have needs (and demands) and since they are paying, they get first priority (says your mind). So when the line of creative joy and obligation are fully intertwined and your creative twinkle is waning, it’s time to hit pause and do a gut check. Stress, … [Read more...]

Trusting the Truth in a Memory

To really be honest with yourself requires digging into the memory banks. Splashing around and poking at things. Looking at what’s yours to own and what can be released into the ethers with confidence, knowing it’s time to let go of emotions or ideas that no longer serve you. But at the same time, our memories also hold what is closest to our hearts; the things that have come to shape us as human beings and propel us on our unique path in life. As heart warming or painful as they can som … [Read more...]

Release the Old to Welcome in the New Year with Grace

  Photo by ~*Leah*~ on Flickr As we prepare for the year to come to a close, the focus is usually already on the year ahead. You know…buckle down. Get clear. Make lists, Set goals. Get FIRED UP! However, in all the holiday hub bub, often we forget this time of year is also a very emotional one. We mix with family members and acquaintances we only see a few times of year and may not particularly like. We also have to answer big lifestyle questions about love, career and our g … [Read more...]