Move Past Judgment and Find Truth

Jumping to conclusions is a human pass time. We all do it, and it’s pretty easy to get there fast. I learned to do it at a very young age, and have spent the last five years reducing that reaction to an occasional slip up. I see so many people around me doing it for sport like there’s no tomorrow. In my younger years I thought it was just how people were supposed to act — it was what I saw everyone else doing. Now I just see right to the heart of what these judgments really reveal — insecur … [Read more...]

Unexpected Pot Holes Make Great Trophies

In the course of a day, most people can quickly tell you the 10 things that went wrong compared to the 1000 that actually went off without a hitch. The douche that cut you off in traffic is the spawn of the devil. That granny had it out for you in the grocery store, getting in your way at every turn -- on purpose. Then there is the matter of the lunch bill where "you know who" skimped again. Even though these offenses are minor and not very often, we tend to hang on to those much longer than … [Read more...]