Owning and Understanding the Essence of Our Inner Work

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The phrase inner work is a common one. It means something different to each person, but at its core, inner work relates to our skill level and willingness to practice self-care, creative self-expression of our truth, and personal self-growth.


As we move through life, discover our values, have experiences (good and bad), and shift our lifestyle to reflect what truly matters to our heart, we grow. Change. Discover what to let go or create. Bring to light what truly nourishes our spirit.


We also reveal what it means to be a freer, more honest expression of our unique, individual selves.


This work, inner work, is the essence of our journey in this lifetime. It’s meant to inspire and help us reconnect with our hearts and true purpose; to forget about the external things and tap into what makes us unique, beautiful, and worthy in our own eyes. Then see, and respect, that same beautiful unique expression in the hearts of others, as well as the universe itself.


It takes courage and perseverance to dig inside and excavate. Own what we find there. Grieve for what could have been. Dare to hope for something better. To stay true to ourselves even when we feel tired, discouraged, or lost.


Plain and simple, inner work isn’t for wussies. It’s not the smooth ride or a glamorous one. But our sticky, messy, challenging inner work is what guides us to the path we are meant to experience. It shows us our old stories and patterns for our betterment. It reveals the lessons we use to heal ourselves, then teach others. As a guide, inner work is the compass that points out where we don’t feel whole or enough, and offers us an opportunity to change the reality we think we are stuck with forever to rewrite into something transformative and amazing. 


Our path to a better, deeper, bolder, more creative enlightened self is also a path that can be crafted, or rewritten, at any time. No matter what has happened up until this point, a blank piece of paper is always available to write a new story, or leave an old one behind for good.  When we embrace our inner work, we are saying yes to ourselves and yes to the love we are aching to experience and share, even if it means being extremely vulnerable.


At the most basic level, when we are love, we see love. And we create more of it through heart-centered thoughts and actions that serve us, and ultimately, everyone else we touch. We become the thing we need most by actively participating in our self-growth, doing our inner work. 


So on those days when we wonder if the struggle is worth it, or wish there was an easier way, be grateful. Know we have a choice to rewrite intentions, thoughts, and focus, to create the story we want to see as we live beyond the page.


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