Tap into Animal Symbolism to Inspire Creativity and Hone Intuition

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Animal symbolism is a tool humans have used for thousands of years to learn about ourselves and how we relate to their community of critter counterparts in nature. While the term animal symbolism sounds very formal, it’s simply a system for connecting with our more intuitive, animal-based inner nature and accessing deeper self-knowledge.


By connecting with traits of certain animals, humans can easily understand and tap into their own natural creative traits and senses in a playful, abstract way. At the same time, animal symbols offer a way for each of us to reconnect with nature – a grounding force that helps us give birth to our unique creative expression.


No matter where you are on the spectrum of animal appreciation (including ones we strongly dislike) there’s some unique information we can learn from them, and catch a few deeper insights about yourself.


The best part? Connecting with animal totems can be as easy as thinking of a favorite animal and tuning into it’s unique traits.


This is why I chose animal symbolism as #7, last on my list of 7 Ways to Spark Creativity and Tap Into Intuition.


Pay Attention to Critters that Cross your Path and Explore Their Traits


Animals are a big part of life no matter where we live in the world. Animal lovers and observers alike have their favorites. Some people adore birds or ocean creatures. Other folks connect more strongly with domestic pets vs. wild animals.


Ever notice when the same type of animal shows up in your life frequently? What type and how often? Is it when you are going through a tough time, or when things are starting to shift into new rhythms in your career or personal life?


Noting the timing and frequency with which we spot animals can be used as a way to do some deeper introspection and explore how some of our unique creative and intuitive gifts are developing (or not) within ourselves.


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“When we pay attention to and acknowledge a nature totem, we are honoring the essence that lies behind it. We are opening up and attuning to that essence. Nature totems – especially animals – are symbols of specific kinds of energy we are manifesting and aligning with in our own life. The characteristics and activities of these totems can reveal much about our own innate powers and abilities.” Ted Andrews, Animal Speak


For example, some people love snakes, others are terrified of them. No matter what your feelings may be, there are certain traits of the snake that may be awakening within you, or are calling your attention for growth and healing. In terms of animal symbolism, snakes represent rebirth, resurrection, initiation and wisdom, as well as the sexual and creative life force, kundalini.


In one of my old rentals I used to see TONS of spiders all over the place. When I looked them up in my trusty Animal Speak guide, I realized they are all about creativity and tapping into those aspects of the self. No only was this perfect for me at the time, but it was just before I started thinking of the Creative Katrina brand and what to do with it.


As someone who loves animals (and likes them more than people sometimes), I have my own fascination with the patterns they’ve helped to reveal throughout the course of my life.


The animals we connect with or react to are just another way to tap into our inner world, and see ourselves in an objective way. The mind may be mulling over a specific challenge, which makes us more aware of animals with certain traits as we go about our day, or we can see them as spiritual messages – both are true. It just depends on your personal belief system.


So why not start to make note of animals you notice or really like, and research their core attributes?


It’s Empowering to Embrace the Traits We Share with Other Animals


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On the simplest level, we connect with our pets. Some of us self-define as cat people, others as dog people. Some people (like me) love every little critter that crosses my path (give or take a few insects).


In some ways you are drawn to a type of animal because you appreciate traits about them or share those traits with them. As a cat owner, I can definitely attest to liking my time alone and love sitting in patches of sun in the grass, soaking in the rays.


While yes, we can (insert spirit animal jokes here), there’s something very powerful about relating to animals. As part of our ecosystem, animals are mirrors for us; the qualities we have as well as the ones we want to develop. The other cool part is developing personal awareness. As we open up intuitively, we notice animals more often and can get messages that inspire our creativity in a variety of ways.


As creative beings, we are allowing ourselves to be a vessel, to open up to what inspires us and let it flow on through in our self-expression in unique ways. Through animal totems, we can connect with, explore, and express a different part of our souls, and open up to new intuitive traits that are developing.


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Resources like Ted Andrews, Animal Speak are a great standard reference for deep insights on animals and their meanings. It also helps to do a quick internet search for a basic understanding of specific animal totems. One site I like a lot is What’s your Sign.  She has so many in-depth, insightful, wonderfully written explanations of animal totems and how to use that energy and information on a personal level.


Over the years, I’ve had few animal totems that are a constant, and some that changed as I explored a new personal, creative or intuitive journey. From frogs, to fox and currently hawks and snakes, it’s been fun to explore the inner me using the language of animals. When you think about it, we’ve been mirroring each other all along.


Want a little more insight on creativity, intuition and animals? Check out my podcast on What Signs from Nature Can Teach you About your Spiritual Path or my previous blog post, What Does your Creative Caricature Look Like? 


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