What is your Creative Currency?

    Creative currency is all the innate little gifts, insights, beliefs and abilities you have to share with the world. As much as each of these unique elements make us into wonderfully diverse people, it’s the expression of the gift, not the gift itself, that constitutes your special blend of creative currency.   For example, you can be a really good singer, but never sing (even when you are alone). Or, maybe you are a talented programmer who can write awesome t … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Inspiration by Nature

This week’s creativity kick-start takes you away from the mental grind and four office walls into nature to find inspiration. The beauty of nature is far beyond what we can physically see at first glance. It's present in the simple design of a leaf as easily as it's camouflaged deep into the grooves of a tree trunk, hidden from view unless you search for it. To get inspired by nature it helps to be outdoors and experience it, yet, reading books, browsing photos or watching nature programs is e … [Read more...]

Weekly Creativity Kick-Start: Plant a Real Seed to Pair with a New Idea

This week’s creativity kick-start is about pairing thoughts with action. When you think of an exciting new creative idea it initially feels electric and fun, but it can just as quickly lose momentum when you become distracted by...life. So what better way to remind yourself to water, tend to and nourish a new idea then to plant a brand new actual seed at the same time? Seasons don’t matter - there is always a way to work with a seed or starter plant in your home. All it takes is a windowsill o … [Read more...]

Weekly Creativity Kick-Start: Listen to New Music

Music can be one of the best ways to fuel a creativity kick-start when you are feeling out of ideas or gearing up to tackle a big project. And while your trusty music library full of carefully cultivated playlists and old favorites can help do the trick, there is something about checking out new music that can infuse fresh energy into your creative attitude.   As an equal opportunity employer when it comes to music, I’m open to listening to anything once. When those first few notes h … [Read more...]

Weekly Creativity Kick-Start: Say 3 Nice Things to Yourself Every Day

It’s so easy to let a whole day go by without saying even one nice thing to yourself. In fact, I bet it’s not even something that crosses your mind during the day...yet, if someone else gives you a compliment, you cherish it. In fact, you probably live on the creative high the whole day!   Why is this distinction important?   The inspiration to create comes when you feel safe and confident in who you are and believe in what you are creating. So, if you aren’t providing yours … [Read more...]

Follow the Chaos to Creative Inspiration

Chaos may seem like the enemy, but to the creative part of your soul, it’s the catalyst for real, heart-driven, soul-tingling inspiration. There are gifts in the chaos that greet us, gifts that empower us to embrace change and heal what blocks our creative flow, leading us straight to “THE” idea. So when chaos shows up in your life and space, how you do work with it? Hide, delve into distractions or meet it straight on?   There is no right way, only your way to work with chaos, but how … [Read more...]

Creativity and the Inner Boss

Creativity and the inner boss. When paired together these concepts seem to be total opposites, pushing against each other’s efforts in a way that ends in a stand-off with no winner. Yet, this dynamic duo can definitely be a powerful pair, if they join forces for the greater good - you. The inner boss is not the ego (although it can certainly be bossy), but the way you manage yourself. Do you go full-steam into something, only to get bored towards the end and let things come to a thud? Do you s … [Read more...]

Finding Your Creative Stride

With all the hope of fresh new beginnings as the year kicks off, by the end of January it often feels like you're in one of two camps: Your creative mojo is perked up, ideas are trickling in and all is going with the flow, OR... You are still scattered, disorganized or feeling a bit "off", experiencing some stumbling blocks and feeling like you are running through a giant vat of pudding. For most people, it's usually a bit of creative inspiration blended with sticky spots, but that's … [Read more...]

Attitude, Creative Mojo and the End of 2011

With just about a month left in 2011, people are all a flurry making holiday plans, buying gifts and finishing up year end projects. It’s the proverbial "time crunch" — busting ass to fit in every possible thing you pledged with your heart and soul to do before year end, but some how fell to the wayside. Creative mojo is replaced with a sense of obligation, and attitudes quickly shift to grouchy, irritated and rushed. Throw in family obligations, year end commitments and the looming thoughts … [Read more...]

Consistent vs. Complacent: Which One are You?

Just as so many others have declared before this post, I’m going to affirm yet again that we live in a busy world that is face-paced and dense with information overload. And yes, I’m well aware that I’m stating the obvious. But as the world continues to whiz on by and change at hyper-speed, we form habits to deal with all the "noise." Some of us need a routine to help keep us on track, others just become complacent in the barrage of input, and choose to hollow out a niche where we feel comfo … [Read more...]