What is your Creative Currency?

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Creative currency is all the innate little gifts, insights, beliefs and abilities you have to share with the world. As much as each of these unique elements make us into wonderfully diverse people, it’s the expression of the gift, not the gift itself, that constitutes your special blend of creative currency.


For example, you can be a really good singer, but never sing (even when you are alone). Or, maybe you are a talented programmer who can write awesome time-saving programs, but instead you work at a retail store as a manager. So while these abilities are examples of creative gifts, they are not considered creative currency because you don’t use them as a way to share with like minds, express yourself or make a living practicing your gifts.


Why does that matter?


Because creative currency is one of the most impactful ways to connect with other human beings to bring about change.


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Connect Through Creative Currency to Build Something Bigger, Naturally


One thing I’ve observed during the last few months is the sheer number of people who are cracking open and digging in to find and connect with their true creative currency, driven by the desire to share it in a bigger way.


Maybe they’ve put off taking a class, practicing an old instrument, picking up a pen to draw or write about what they see in their heart. Others have finally decided to change their “Titles” or bios on social media profiles and feel into what it’s like to put their true creative currency out there for everyone to see – even if it’s not perfect quite yet.


The more willing you are to share your true creative currency in an honest, open way, you start to find deeper connections, strengthen your passions and open new paths, leading you to expand into more creativity-fueled spaces. Then, as you watch your meaningful network of like minds grow, you begin to sense the momentum of group energy and natural ability to create something bigger, together.


How? Everyone is exchanging creative currency that’s accepted and valued, no sale required.




Honoring the Harmony in your Unique Creative Formula


Creative gifts don’t have to be seen and heard by everyone to be valuable creative currency, but they do need to be honored by you. Finding a way to express and celebrate all the little quirks, talents, zany ideas and observations goes a long way towards crafting a stronger sense of inner harmony that naturally shines outwardly to the rest of us.

So how are you going to kick out the dust bunnies and polish up your creative currency skills? Want some ideas? Let’s have some fun and chat about it!

Photo Credit: 2nd photo Kate Wares, 3rd photo – Ed Hall