Weekly Creativity Kick-Start: Plant a Real Seed to Pair with a New Idea


This week’s creativity kick-start is about pairing thoughts with action. When you think of an exciting new creative idea it initially feels electric and fun, but it can just as quickly lose momentum when you become distracted by…life. So what better way to remind yourself to water, tend to and nourish a new idea then to plant a brand new actual seed at the same time?

Seasons don’t matter – there is always a way to work with a seed or starter plant in your home. All it takes is a windowsill or designated space, a good light source, a rich source of stable soil and a willingness to pay attention to your plant every day. Each time you connect to and care for your plant can also serve as a handy reminder to do something similar for your starter creative idea…

  • What do you need to nourish it?
  • Does it need more creative light or attention?
  • Can you see progress on it as you dedicate a bit of love and insight to it every day?
  • Are you being patient so that it stretches, expands and grows in it’s own way and time?
  • Is there something extra you can do to support it while it’s in the shape shifting stage?

Taking Stock and Making Choices for Creative Growth 

All it takes is a few minutes a day to help grow something in fertile soil. In the case of your creative idea, that soil is you. So nourish yourself with good healthy food, adequate sleep, rest breaks throughout the day and a mindfulness about what your creative-self needs to feel safe and flourish. Those are all the essentials you need for a creativity kick-start.

Not sure what you need to set a better stage for creative growth or need a little more help with shaking things up? Why not check out some of my earlier posts; Why you Need a Creative Change Tool Belt, Tips for Tapping into your Inner Creative Advisor or Opening Awareness to your Creative Flow in Daily Life. They offer good tips on how to get past stuck points and some simple, practical tools for changing things up so your creative flow feels more welcome.

While nurturing your own creative expression is sometimes easier said than done, you need to choose yourself first to make significant progress. This will infuse your soil with all it needs, making sure it’s rich and ready to nurture all the ways your creative expression desires show up.

Photo credit: Matthew Fang