Creativity Kick-Start: Inspiration by Nature


This week’s creativity kick-start takes you away from the mental grind and four office walls into nature to find inspiration. The beauty of nature is far beyond what we can physically see at first glance. It’s present in the simple design of a leaf as easily as it’s camouflaged deep into the grooves of a tree trunk, hidden from view unless you search for it.

To get inspired by nature it helps to be outdoors and experience it, yet, reading books, browsing photos or watching nature programs is equally powerful. Each offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in beauty beyond a current physical location and explore something new. What better way to expand creativity?

Inspiration is in the Timing 

Reconnecting with nature also reminds me of how everything has it’s own sense of perfect timing, each step, it’s own beauty and value. The sheer diversity of plants, animals and nature-made architecture took years to become what it is right now. Taking inspiration from the process of life and how it develops serves as a reminder to let the creative process do the same – find it’s natural way.

I see nature as an invitation to daydream, to create new worlds that are more expansive and free. Each moment is different, each breath, a new opportunity that can lead you anywhere. Who knows what will wander or fly by, or what will take a ride on your t-shirt?

Or, you can take something you find in nature, bring it home and see how it inspires you next. The picture I used for this post is something I found in my backyard, as is, when I wandered out for a little break. It still inspires me now as it sits in my office.

What are some of your favorite things in nature? What inspires you to create or take your creativity in a new direction?

*This post was not necessarily inspired by Earth Day, but it felt like the perfect creativity kick-start to share this week.