Do You Embrace or Suppress the Creative Storm Brewing Within?

  There’s a creative storm brewing within you right now. Yes, you.   It might not feel like much of a storm. Perhaps it seems more like a collection of thoughts, desires, emotions, and experiences circling about, building momentum. Churning. Brushing up against each other, causing a little friction and fire as they dance together.   But that’s how the creative spark works.   It’s not a mind thing, it’s an inspiration thing. A feeling thing that’s unique to … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Celebrate Unexpected Gifts and Accomplishing Unplanned Goals

  As the year winds down it’s easy to get caught in top ten lists, savory baked goods and the appearance of the familiar year-end friend - goals. The promise of a fresh new year sweeps people into evaluation mode, nudging you to judge your success and performance or lament opportunities missed. The holiday season is an annual calendar prompt to see if you are moving along in a way that feels good or rough around the edges, healthy or exhausting, or like an endless combination of other e … [Read more...]

Follow the Chaos to Creative Inspiration

Chaos may seem like the enemy, but to the creative part of your soul, it’s the catalyst for real, heart-driven, soul-tingling inspiration. There are gifts in the chaos that greet us, gifts that empower us to embrace change and heal what blocks our creative flow, leading us straight to “THE” idea. So when chaos shows up in your life and space, how you do work with it? Hide, delve into distractions or meet it straight on?   There is no right way, only your way to work with chaos, but how … [Read more...]

Don’t Like What you See? Be a Change Agent and Make the Difference

In life its really easy to say THAT SUCKS, THIS IS TOTALLY LAME or I WISH SOMEONE would do something (like make sleeping bags out of gummy bears – comfy and edible!). Its not very often I hear people stating workable solutions AND taking action in order to improve what they view as an injustice or challenge. Being a writer I have a platform to write about topics and bitch if I so desire. For the most part I enjoy sharing tools to re-frame thinking, but not everything is solved by just thin … [Read more...]