What is your Creative Currency?

    Creative currency is all the innate little gifts, insights, beliefs and abilities you have to share with the world. As much as each of these unique elements make us into wonderfully diverse people, it’s the expression of the gift, not the gift itself, that constitutes your special blend of creative currency.   For example, you can be a really good singer, but never sing (even when you are alone). Or, maybe you are a talented programmer who can write awesome t … [Read more...]

Choosing Supportive Creative Connections

The creative connections you build in life often start off as relationships that just come together without much thought. How they got to be part of your life is one thread of the story. Who continues to be in your life is a choice, a very important choice that impacts how you express yourself and inner gifts with ease.   It’s not always easy to phase out certain people when you are attached to the role they play in your life story, especially as you grow and expand your creative e … [Read more...]

The Difference Between a True Connection and Connection of Convenience

There is a very distinct difference between forming a true connection with a person compared to creating an alliance with someone out of convenience. The challenge is that people struggle with discerning the subtleties of each, and this leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings and relationships that are a mismatch in terms of the energy exchange. It doesn’t mean every connection is required to feel personally fulfilling all the time, but tuning in to how each connection plays out is like having … [Read more...]

Tune into Your Inner Voice for Truth, the Rest is Just Static

Self-motivated change is one of the benefits of being human. You can decide at any point to change your life completely. Pick up and move. Quit a job or kickstart a new career. Begin a relationship or finally put an old one out of it’s misery. And while making these big choices (as well as all the small ones that follow) your powerful inner voice is by your side. Your rock. The trusty friend that takes all our phone calls and is available at all hours. But in times of big change you can get c … [Read more...]

Break the Code and Leave Behind Limiting Emotional Patterns

Feeling blocked or challenged comes along with the blueprint of being a human being. Getting stuck and spinning your wheels there, well, that’s by choice (even if it’s hard to admit sometimes). So to wiggle free and break the code to leave behind limiting emotional patterns, you have a choice; evolve or stay small. Easy to say, takes some new tools and perspective to actually do. No matter what kind of upbringing you’ve had, there are emotional patterns you’ve created from a very young age that … [Read more...]

Show and Tell: How you Communicate is Directly Connected to How you Feel About Yourself

Image credit: WesleyFryer Personal communication styles are influenced by countless elements throughout our lives. As we grow up with family, we emulate or fight against what doesn’t suit us. We are also influenced by friends and heartbreak, by loss and change. Our internal mental tapes, fears and life experiences direct how we are willing (or not) also show up in various degrees. All together, they shape how we communicate with ourselves and others in two main ways; what we show and what we t … [Read more...]

What Power Struggles in Relationships Really Show you About Yourself

Power struggles -- we all have em’. Whether it’s between family, co-workers, love relationships or friends, they are a necessary part of change and personal growth. When a power struggle eeks to the surface or explodes like a firey bomb, it’s extremely easy to look at challenging dynamics and blame the other person, pointing out all the reasons you are right and they suck. Which, in some cases, might be entirely true. But the reality is, you have three choices: Be open to the truth of the situ … [Read more...]

To Forge Stronger Connections Ditch Lame Excuses and Own Your Actions

As our lives become increasingly complex and relationships morph into a mix of technology and limited in-person interaction, how to forge connections and be in relationship, personally and professionally, is rapidly changing. Not only do we need to balance what we prefer, but we need to be even more aware than ever of how others choose to communicate, too, and try to decipher all the same nuances that naturally occur during one-on-one contact.   And let’s face it -- that can be a bit m … [Read more...]

The Power in Connecting to your Radiance

There are so many ways to easily get distracted from your own awesomeness and inner power. Frustration, hurt, pain, disappointment, loneliness, lack of love and endless other emotions, mixed up with the mundane daily tasks of life, all eat away at the edges of our soul. It’s so easy to let these experiences unknowingly chip away at our inner glow, dwindling it to barely a spark. The truth is, these are just experiences -- not definitions of who you are. Crap happens. Life seems unfair, c … [Read more...]

The Connection Between Clarity and Happiness

At the source of every challenge lies one simple question…how do you feel? Not what do you THINK, but how does a current situation/person/thing make you feel? It might seem like an over simplification, but let’s take a second to break it down. Feeling the Truth When you are unsure about how you feel, there is a sense of disconnectedness that makes you uneasy, frustrated and confused. This disconnectedness, even at a very minor level, can skew your perception of things, making you doubt you … [Read more...]