Creativity Kick-Start: Identify your Creative Crutch

  Sometimes a creative block isn’t really a block as much as a worn out creative crutch. It may seem harmless, just part of your routine, but it can also be the reason you feel too comfortable, unwilling to stretch beyond your comfort zone.   A creative crutch serves as a very effective distraction that straddles the line between contentment and limitation. It keeps things moving along in ways you know, in the familiar grooves and patterns. The tricky part is that just beyond t … [Read more...]

Finding Your Creative Stride

With all the hope of fresh new beginnings as the year kicks off, by the end of January it often feels like you're in one of two camps: Your creative mojo is perked up, ideas are trickling in and all is going with the flow, OR... You are still scattered, disorganized or feeling a bit "off", experiencing some stumbling blocks and feeling like you are running through a giant vat of pudding. For most people, it's usually a bit of creative inspiration blended with sticky spots, but that's … [Read more...]