Creativity Kick-Start: Mind your Own Business to Practice True Creative Freedom

  An experience of creative freedom is like nothing else in the world. You feel strong, confident and clear as your natural gifts flow with ease, blended with the joy of creating things that speak to your heart and soul.   To many, it might sound like I’ve described the “ideal” sensation of creative freedom. So, how often do you experience something similar to it? Most of the time? Once and a while? Only in very specific conditions? Not as much as you would like? Or are there p … [Read more...]

Attitude, Creative Mojo and the End of 2011

With just about a month left in 2011, people are all a flurry making holiday plans, buying gifts and finishing up year end projects. It’s the proverbial "time crunch" — busting ass to fit in every possible thing you pledged with your heart and soul to do before year end, but some how fell to the wayside. Creative mojo is replaced with a sense of obligation, and attitudes quickly shift to grouchy, irritated and rushed. Throw in family obligations, year end commitments and the looming thoughts … [Read more...]

Throw Out What you Think you Know and Embrace Renewal

Each spring the human race feels compelled to wash windows, clean out closets and give our home the once over. The cathartic act of physical cleaning is peaceful in its own way, helping us slough off winter energy and prepare for a fiery new spring adventure among the tweeting birds and budding trees. It’s instinctual. In spring we also feel a renewed sense of wanting to "get moving." We don’t always know why or where we’re headed, but it’s a very deep desire to shake things up and get on the … [Read more...]

Deep Down, Do You Really Know What’s Good for You?

People think they know what they need to feel good and fulfilled. More of this, less of that. Someone to bugger off for a while. A hug. A fight. More money. Less family. Anything sprinkled with chocolate shavings and kisses. The truth is, many people still aren’t sure at a deep, soul level. With the pressure of "shoulds" mashed with expectations, half-truths and delusions instigated by people who have made you doubt yourself, it takes some pretty extensive dedication to bypass the sea of fla … [Read more...]