Change Up the Brush That Paints Your Creative Perspective

  A change in seasons is on the way and along with it, an opportunity to change up your creative perspective and how you open your heart to exploration.   There are standard changes that come in every season through nature. New things are about to bloom, others are about to complete their journey and need to be released. Seasonal foods, smells, travel opportunities, weddings, classes, or jobs are also often part of this shift. And let’s not forget all the baby critters finally … [Read more...]

Exercise and Expand the Senses to Fire Up Inspiration

  It's easy to get caught up in the space between over stimulation and routine, a weird middle ground found in daily life that does nothing to expand the senses. As we stretch ourselves to meet obligations, deadlines, and take care of personal needs, there’s little room left to focus on supporting our most human (and basic) creative tools we're given at birth.   In a way, we can forget how to call on our basic senses to solve problems, fire up inspiration or create a new way of … [Read more...]

Intuitive Guidance is in the Little Creative Clues

  I believe in the power of little creative clues - the small objects, coincidences and connections that serve as external confirmation you are on the right path or far from it.   A creative clue can be anything that resonates with you or gets your attention, especially when you aren’t even looking for it. It can come into view when you are doing something you really love as easily as it can come into focus when you are doing something that’s not in alignment with what you rea … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Inspiration by Nature

This week’s creativity kick-start takes you away from the mental grind and four office walls into nature to find inspiration. The beauty of nature is far beyond what we can physically see at first glance. It's present in the simple design of a leaf as easily as it's camouflaged deep into the grooves of a tree trunk, hidden from view unless you search for it. To get inspired by nature it helps to be outdoors and experience it, yet, reading books, browsing photos or watching nature programs is e … [Read more...]