Why it’s Important to Connect the Dots of Passion Along the Creative Path

  When you throw together all of your life experiences, relationships and passing interests that led to nothing but detours, you are just scraping the surface of what shapes your creative path. Is this mind blowing? Not really, but it's pretty amazing if you think about how each of aspect has looped towards, away from and over each other to bring you to the present moment.   So, having gotten this far on your winding creative path, can you take the viewpoint of a hawk, high on … [Read more...]

Creativity and the Inner Boss

Creativity and the inner boss. When paired together these concepts seem to be total opposites, pushing against each other’s efforts in a way that ends in a stand-off with no winner. Yet, this dynamic duo can definitely be a powerful pair, if they join forces for the greater good - you. The inner boss is not the ego (although it can certainly be bossy), but the way you manage yourself. Do you go full-steam into something, only to get bored towards the end and let things come to a thud? Do you s … [Read more...]

Connecting all of your Creative Selves Deepens Perspective Ten-Fold

Connecting all your creative selves sounds like a fancy art film title, right? Abstract and intriguing. Bold and courageous. Unpredictable and gorgeous. Kind of like you. Except most people don’t even think they’re creative at all, let alone have various creative aspects within themselves to play with at any given time. In fact, it’s these diverse aspects that help make up the “creative you”, allowing you to experience life as something more than one-dimensional. The question is, are you ready to … [Read more...]

Is a Hidden Desire to Conform Keeping your Creative Fire Small?

As much as we want to stand out and be seen as individuals, we also desire to stand together as part of a community; feeling welcomed, supported and accepted (in some shape or form). This sentiment is by no means earth shattering, but here’s the tricky part; sometimes our hidden desire to connect with others really is silently guiding us to conform, keeping our creative fire small. This may lead us to make choices to fit in or try to make future decisions based on what we feel will be accepted b … [Read more...]

Learning the Tricky Balance of “Doing” and “Being” in your Business

Photo by Peter Nijenhuis As entrepreneurs we are, by default, husslers. We see opportunities, assess them quickly and get crackin’. Our "potentials" folder is bursting at the seams, filled with awesome ideas we just can’t part with yet.  A notoriously curious bunch, we consistently look for new ways to improve, maximize, morph what we are doing into something newer, fresher and better, and tend to feel bad about ourselves or our business when it’s not matching up to what we see in our heads. … [Read more...]

What Gets you Out of Bed in the Morning?

  Is it the duties of life, your pet’s butt in your face, screaming kids or your passions — the things you love more than anything else in the world? Your passion could be for watching murder mystery shows, speaking Klingon or simply sitting and meditating with a cup of tea. Whatever it is, that fire, that PASSION is what sustains you throughout life, so are you living yours?   No one even needs to know about it (or them), but this deep, raw part of you needs to be nourished an … [Read more...]