Do you Have a Creative Fear or, a Fear of Being Challenged?

  Creative fear can keep you from owning or freely sharing your talents, but what if the truth was about something else entirely? What if you are really afraid of leaving your comfort zone and all the “mess” that might entail?   It’s easy to tell yourself that you suffer from a lack of creative talent when it doesn’t fit easily fit into the life you’ve built, or when it might take work to develop your raw skills. You can also always find an excuse for why you aren’t creative en … [Read more...]

Creative Fuel and Pushing Empty

Creative fuel is just like the fuel you use in a car. No gas, the car is staying put and you are probably going to be pretty grumpy. No creative fuel, it’s going to be challenging to keep rolling, crafting, writing, brainstorming, working or creating at all, and you will most likely feel grumpy, or unable to connect to your creative flow.   The body can also start to feel anxious and frazzled, which gets the mind to kick in and start painting a fearful picture of “stuckness” or a creat … [Read more...]

Weekly Creativity Kick-Start: Listen to New Music

Music can be one of the best ways to fuel a creativity kick-start when you are feeling out of ideas or gearing up to tackle a big project. And while your trusty music library full of carefully cultivated playlists and old favorites can help do the trick, there is something about checking out new music that can infuse fresh energy into your creative attitude.   As an equal opportunity employer when it comes to music, I’m open to listening to anything once. When those first few notes h … [Read more...]