Creating New Order Out of Chaos

  Despite how messy it may feel, creating new order out of chaos offers a powerful opportunity to step up and reset your life in positive ways you could never plan for outright.   Chaos rolls through everyone’s life at some point, no exceptions. The experience of chaos is also different for everyone. It can creep in slowly, like thick fog rising on a chilly fall evening, or pop in suddenly like a thunder clap. And even though you KNOW chaos is a normal part of life, the way it … [Read more...]

Solstice Energy and Finding your Seasonal Creative Groove

  No matter where you are in the world, the solstice inspires a big shift in your creative groove. It’s a powerful marker of endings and new beginnings. You can feel it in your bones, sense it on your skin and anticipate the freshness of something different as you say goodbye and let go.   In this space of releasing the grip of an old season and birthing something new, it’s important to actually breathe into what you are feeling and connect with it. What’s exciting or worn out? … [Read more...]

Discovering the Core Needs of Your Creative Soul

  Creativity is the act of envisioning something new, taking tactical steps to build the vision you see, and listening to the intuitive guidance of your creative soul - all as one combined effort.   The action aspect of creativity is often where people focus because it’s more results-oriented and tangible. We can see the fruits of our labor and receive feedback from the external world to validate or influence how we see our own creations and in some ways, measure our s … [Read more...]

Routines and Why you Can Stop Longing for “the” Creative Zap

  Routines and the seemingly elusive creative zap of inspiration you long for do co-exist.   Really, they do.   Actually noticing the creative zap is about your perspective from within the routine.   It’s not about completely changing what you do and who you are, but being willing to look at where your routines are more protective than supportive, more evasive than empowering.   Do you understand why you do it "your" way?   Look at y … [Read more...]

Consistent vs. Complacent: Which One are You?

Just as so many others have declared before this post, I’m going to affirm yet again that we live in a busy world that is face-paced and dense with information overload. And yes, I’m well aware that I’m stating the obvious. But as the world continues to whiz on by and change at hyper-speed, we form habits to deal with all the "noise." Some of us need a routine to help keep us on track, others just become complacent in the barrage of input, and choose to hollow out a niche where we feel comfo … [Read more...]

Do Your Routines Burden or Empower You?

  Most of the time when you run into people and ask how they’re doing, they answer in one of two ways: fine, how are you? or I’m swamped; I have so much to do!   Today we are going to talk about the "I’m perpetually busy" response and what it really means.   Look, we all get busy. I get it. Life flows as it does and constant preparing to control every aspect of it is not living, its existing. So, how do you manage the life in front of you before you become entang … [Read more...]