Creative Revelations and Taking Chances

As the year slides towards the finish line, there’s an almost universal vibe of reflection in the air. The feeling can be hard to pin down into one word or a string of adjectives. It takes you into and out of memories, wins, regrets and creative revelations. There’s a strong sense of being in two worlds at once, as you honor the one you are in and prepare for the new, ready or not.   You’ve learned. Celebrated. Loved. Released. Expressed gratitude.   And you’ve created. Even … [Read more...]

Boost your Creative Process by Embracing the “Cracks”

  At it’s core, the creative process is the ability to take ideas or concepts you are drawn to and combine them into a way to do anything. You can inspire, teach, heal, grow, play, connect with your purpose - the list is as long as the possibilities.   The creative process is also the ability to take disconnected ideas, frustrating situations and challenging relationships and turn them into something that does the exact - same - things.   How you use your gifts c … [Read more...]

The Power of Playing with your Seasonal Creative Muse

  I think the creative muse within each of us has two types of seasonal cycles.   One falls in step with nature, bringing a new bundle of energy, sensations and weather conditions every three months. The other is more closely related to personal expansion and how your creativity and self expression change throughout your life. In a sense, you progress through “seasons” of challenge, growth, learning and embracing the “current you” while you allow the old one to fall away. … [Read more...]

Routines and Why you Can Stop Longing for “the” Creative Zap

  Routines and the seemingly elusive creative zap of inspiration you long for do co-exist.   Really, they do.   Actually noticing the creative zap is about your perspective from within the routine.   It’s not about completely changing what you do and who you are, but being willing to look at where your routines are more protective than supportive, more evasive than empowering.   Do you understand why you do it "your" way?   Look at y … [Read more...]

Are you Ignoring the Melody of your Creative Soul?

  Your creative soul is always speaking to you. Even when you can’t hear it, don’t want to listen or are too preoccupied with the past or future to pay attention, it’s there, waiting patiently. If you are searching, frustrated or feel lost - it’s still there, strumming a note or two, hoping to find a point of resonance that draws you back to the “true you” underneath everything external.   The melody you hear doesn't have to be specific or clear - it’s simply an invitation from … [Read more...]

Searching for the Ultimate Creative Key

  Is there an ultimate creative key? Can you find the one hack, inspiration or epiphany that changes everything? It depends on how you are looking.   In a world that promises a fix for everything, it’s tempting to search for a bright and shiny creative key to unlock your potential in one ultimate reveal, just like on reality television.   While this formula satiates your craving to know the outcome within an hour or a season, real life isn’t like that at all … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Explore your Next Creative Edge

  As the year comes to a close I have thanks in my heart for all I’ve learned and created, paired with a simmering passion for my next creative edge.   In many ways I took the things I’ve learned (and continue to learn) through my personal experience and turned them into tools and insights to support and guide others to dive deeper into creative self-exploration. Through my weekly blog posts, classes, G+ Hangout on Air appearances and connections with clients my goal is always … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Switch Up Artwork and Decorations for a Creative Energy Surge

  The items you choose to decorate your home definitely have an impact on your creative energy and inspiration. Family antiques, mementos from trips, photos, paintings, posters or sculptures draw your eye, each contributing to the creative vibe of your personal space. In many ways, the familiarity of your artwork feels reassuring, like a little bit of beautiful, comfy consistency in the chaos of life.   It can also lull your creative spark to sleep.   Over time you … [Read more...]

4 Simple Ways to Put your Passion First Every Day

  Living your passion is a feeling that expands beyond the container of words we have to explain it. It’s an inner knowing that’s desired yet sometimes also feared, and it drives you to follow the path it carves until you feel it’s energy flow through you effortlessly.   With something so powerful within us, why aren't we actively expressing our passion every day?   We aren't always sure how to mix it into to a busy life.   There are some things you can do … [Read more...]

Does a Creative Impulse Follow a Plan or Purpose?

  A creative impulse is intoxicating. The rush of inspiration you feel in your mind and body lights you up, offering a body buzz that sends endorphins sky high. It’s dreamy, exciting and fun all at the same time.   When the initial feeling passes and your body settles down, sometimes the mind can come barging in with an agenda of it’s own. It’s not trying to ruin your fun on purpose, it sometimes just let’s the ego drive the bus instead of the heart.   So when you ha … [Read more...]