Creating New Order Out of Chaos

  Despite how messy it may feel, creating new order out of chaos offers a powerful opportunity to step up and reset your life in positive ways you could never plan for outright.   Chaos rolls through everyone’s life at some point, no exceptions. The experience of chaos is also different for everyone. It can creep in slowly, like thick fog rising on a chilly fall evening, or pop in suddenly like a thunder clap. And even though you KNOW chaos is a normal part of life, the way it … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Call on your Creative Tether to Weather Doubt

  When life gets crazy complicated and things seem anything but settled, take a few moments to connect with your inner creative tether.   In times of uncertainty and chaos it’s easy to start over-thinking every future move or doubting what you’ve already done. Soon everything seems wrong and you are struggling to remember exactly how you ended up on the path you face ahead. You might also start wandering into  “why me?” territory.   This is a perfect time to shut eve … [Read more...]

Follow the Chaos to Creative Inspiration

Chaos may seem like the enemy, but to the creative part of your soul, it’s the catalyst for real, heart-driven, soul-tingling inspiration. There are gifts in the chaos that greet us, gifts that empower us to embrace change and heal what blocks our creative flow, leading us straight to “THE” idea. So when chaos shows up in your life and space, how you do work with it? Hide, delve into distractions or meet it straight on?   There is no right way, only your way to work with chaos, but how … [Read more...]

The Importance of Rest, Integration and Patience for Spiritual Growth

  This year has brought extremes and changes in all parts of our lives -- personal relationships, politics, finance, institutions, health, family and most importantly, our core beliefs about all of it. With all the planetary shifts in addition to our personal ones, it can feel a bit like being railroaded, and you may be unsure how to manage things without feeling like the chaos is taking over.   The truth is, chaos leads to clarity — eventually. But if you are not making time f … [Read more...]

When Does Lettin’ it Ride Turn into Avoidance?

It’s common knowledge that allowing space and time around difficult situations, people or important life decisions is a simple way to provide new perspective. Lettin’ it ride takes the pressure off, releases the emotion from a situation and gives it a breath of fresh air, allowing new insights time to take root. That’s what being a mature adult is all about, knowing when to say when -- so to speak. But when does letting the path to something emerge on it’s own turn into old fashioned avoidan … [Read more...]