Searching for the Ultimate Creative Key

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Is there an ultimate creative key? Can you find the one hack, inspiration or epiphany that changes everything? It depends on how you are looking.


In a world that promises a fix for everything, it’s tempting to search for a bright and shiny creative key to unlock your potential in one ultimate reveal, just like on reality television.


While this formula satiates your craving to know the outcome within an hour or a season, real life isn’t like that at all.


Life reveals herself in whispers and metaphors, through a combination of flow and chaos, mixed with surprises. Click To Tweet


This is where creativity is born, in the space between the search to find what you feel is your true self, knowing who you are right now and opening up to the fact it can all change again in mere moments when you are inspired by something new. Instead of a designated “air time”, you are actually living in a state of ultimate reveal in every moment.


It’s About Remembering, Not Finding


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The best way to find your creative key is to finally understand you already have it. All you need is to find a way into your own heart to finally let it out.


The doubt, fear, perfectionism and scenes from your past will be nipping at your heels as you go, but so what? These distractions are just catnip to draw out your courage, giving you chance to step up by going within.


Your life so far has earned you the “fare” you need for your journey, so call on it to move past blocks and access your creative truth. Pull together the best parts of all the tools you’ve already tried, tap into the most inspiring traits of the people you admire and do your best to really listen to what your mind, body and spirit are telling you. Then call on all that inspiration as needed to crack your heart back open.


Even when circumstances change, your creative key remains in the same place – your heart. The challenge just becomes about sparking your willingness to go where you know it already lives, or continue to distract yourself by looking everywhere else.


What are some ways you feel challenged when trying to tap into your unique creative key?


Self-reflection is an invitation to grow, but having support along the ways can make things a lot easier. I’m available for one-on-one private coaching sessions to help you move through creative obstacles and get you on the right track.


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Photo credit hand: Kate Ter Haar