Solstice Energy and Finding your Seasonal Creative Groove

  No matter where you are in the world, the solstice inspires a big shift in your creative groove. It’s a powerful marker of endings and new beginnings. You can feel it in your bones, sense it on your skin and anticipate the freshness of something different as you say goodbye and let go.   In this space of releasing the grip of an old season and birthing something new, it’s important to actually breathe into what you are feeling and connect with it. What’s exciting or worn out? … [Read more...]

The Power of Playing with your Seasonal Creative Muse

  I think the creative muse within each of us has two types of seasonal cycles.   One falls in step with nature, bringing a new bundle of energy, sensations and weather conditions every three months. The other is more closely related to personal expansion and how your creativity and self expression change throughout your life. In a sense, you progress through “seasons” of challenge, growth, learning and embracing the “current you” while you allow the old one to fall away. … [Read more...]

Creative Illumination Sparks in the Heart First

  Time away from the computer always clears my perspective and hits a deep, inner reset button, allowing me to crack open new perspectives on creative illumination and settle into a new, refreshed pace.   We all need time to be quiet, tune in and transition into something bigger than our own, well-traveled ways of thinking that can unintentionally trap us into a limiting routine. It’s also easy to turn a blind eye to the walls that slide up around how we justify our ability to … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: 5 Ways to be in the Flow During a Creative Transition

  A creative transition can feel really tricky to navigate. You are straddling two worlds that don’t feel solid or clear and looking for ways to expand the core of who you are without totally losing yourself - all at the same time. The instruction manual is being written as you walk through the experience, and takes a lot of faith in yourself to keep moving forward through the foggy bits.   The ease of a creative transition does not reflect whether or not it's worth pursuing, b … [Read more...]

When Starting Over is the Only Option and How to Be at Peace with It

There are times, despite your best efforts, that starting over is the only option. Your mind has covered every angle. Your heart breaks with each fresh review of the “facts”. There’s no sign of things changing for the better, and your creative inspiration is as dried up as a stale cracker.   If things are looking (and feeling) charred and burned, succumb to sweet surrender. It's the first step to opening your heart for change.   But once you do, can you let things flow to fi … [Read more...]