Are you Ignoring the Melody of your Creative Soul?



Your creative soul is always speaking to you. Even when you can’t hear it, don’t want to listen or are too preoccupied with the past or future to pay attention, it’s there, waiting patiently. If you are searching, frustrated or feel lost – it’s still there, strumming a note or two, hoping to find a point of resonance that draws you back to the “true you” underneath everything external.


The melody you hear doesn’t have to be specific or clear – it’s simply an invitation from your creative soul to try something new, to experiment and see what happens. No pressure, no expected outcome. Just play.


Structure Before Inspiration or the Other Way Around?


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If you can move beyond the idea of permanence and get comfortable playing with the energy in the moment, you initiate a new rhythm that goes beyond what you can imagine and instead, you can begin to feel it in the depths of your soul. The experience is not something you can describe or configure in your mind like a step by step manual or strategic plan. It’s simply a sensation of clarity, or how your body feels a familiarity with the notes.


When you make an effort to stay open and follow the feeling first, you see how the step of creating a specific plan follows the initial melody; plans can’t force the melody into being. Yet, that’s what so many of us attempt, to create a structure to fit into before we know what the tune of our soul is really saying. It’s why people stick with a plan or set of expectations that drain the creative soul down to a single, monotone note playing like white noise in the background, unnoticed.


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Play, Timelines and Making Things Permanent


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This year my creative spark has invited me to play more by trying new things that have no clear timeline or clear expected outcome. There’s a mix of Ideas and goals meshed with good intentions, but I’m living into the path, watching it form in front of me step by step.


While I continue to do what I already know works, the dalliances from my regular way of life give me a playground of new melodies to entertain. I can walk through the familiar, past the comfortable and try something different that inspires me, without feeling I need to make it a permanent part of my life.


By listening to the notes of my creative soul I can also live a more expansive life that goes beyond the linear, yet calls on linear thinking when needed to bring resonant ideas into specific form. Beyond that, my desire to hear new tunes keeps things interesting, my soul, always opening a little bit more.


As your creative soul calls out a new kind of music, are you ready and willing to listen? Or is it hard for you to hear it behind all the white noise?


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Photo credit: Tom Byrne – woods, Gioia De Antoniis – hourglass