Fine Tune Observation Skills to Fire Up Creativity

  There’s something to be said for amping up quiet observation skills. To actively listen to what’s just beneath the surface, or feel into the vibe of the room or situation before even one word is spoken.   Call it “spidey sense”, intuition, or gut feeling, all of these factors tie into how you observe, what you “hear”, how you relate, and subsequently, create.   The way you listen also changes with each experience. What you learned, how you may or may not have got … [Read more...]

Are you Ignoring the Melody of your Creative Soul?

  Your creative soul is always speaking to you. Even when you can’t hear it, don’t want to listen or are too preoccupied with the past or future to pay attention, it’s there, waiting patiently. If you are searching, frustrated or feel lost - it’s still there, strumming a note or two, hoping to find a point of resonance that draws you back to the “true you” underneath everything external.   The melody you hear doesn't have to be specific or clear - it’s simply an invitation from … [Read more...]

Creativity, Intuition and What Following your Heart Really Means

  Follow your heart - it’s a common phrase that’s true yet over-used, insightful but also a bit nebulous, until you realize the power of it's simplicity as a reminder to practice listening to your intuition.   If you make a regular effort to get quiet and turn inward, even in the smallest of ways, your inner voice starts to slowly emerge from the background with more clarity and vitality. What seemed like a bunch of unclear, out-of-focus background noise begins to shape into a … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Sharpen your Creative Edge

For a creative edge to stay sharp requires attention. Notice I said attention, not work. The little mindful things you do to stretch your imagination, open your heart and shift how you see yourself connecting in the world are the real sharpening tools, and show you exactly where your creative edge lies. Sharpening it takes mindful action.   To help crack open your defenses and habits to challenge yourself in a meaningful way, rather than max limits through sheer force to expand your … [Read more...]