Creativity Kick-Start: Switch Up Artwork and Decorations for a Creative Energy Surge

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The items you choose to decorate your home definitely have an impact on your creative energy and inspiration. Family antiques, mementos from trips, photos, paintings, posters or sculptures draw your eye, each contributing to the creative vibe of your personal space. In many ways, the familiarity of your artwork feels reassuring, like a little bit of beautiful, comfy consistency in the chaos of life.


It can also lull your creative spark to sleep.


Over time you get used to the layout and flow of your space, especially on a subconscious level. Moving and buying a home are big changes, so the need to switch up your environment comes with the experience. Yet, once you settle into life in a space, how often do you think about the layout of the furniture, positioning of the artwork or feeling of the decorations? Probably not more than the few minutes you need to dust or vacuum around them.


An easy way to shake up the creative energy in your home and get inspiration flowing is to change up or move around some of the artwork. Focus on one specific room where you play with creative projects or do the whole home. The more spaces you “freshen up” the better.


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Small Changes Snap your Creative Eye to Attention


It’s normal to fall into a routine with how you think, feel, create and work, and changing up your artwork gives your mind and senses a reason to take notice. It grabs your attention and tickles your awareness in a new way instead of blending into the background of life’s routine.


Here’s a quick way to do a little gut check and reignite a space with fresh creative energy:


  • Review the artwork in your home or space. Is there something you can add, change or move into a new spot to brighten things up and bring in fresh, colorful energy?
  • Are there spots that get cluttered easily? Can you find a solution to organize the space and keep creative energy flowing?
  • Does the artwork or decorative accents mean something to you and inspire you to think and create from the passion in your heart? Or does it simply fill a space?
  • How does a room or piece of artwork reflect who you are now vs. when you set it up originally?
  • Are there things you can move into a new area or donate to make room for something new?
  • Can you re-paint or re-finish an item to bring new life into it?
  • Is there new art or imagery you find inspiring? Can you create or find something similar?


creative energy, artwork


Feel into Ways to Effortlessly Support your Creative Energy Flow Through Decorative Art


I did a bit of redecorating myself a few weekends ago. I’m still in “experiment mode” as a new homeowner, and noticed most of my artwork, photos and decorations were leaning against the wall or still tucked in a boxes. There was a definite lack of “me-ness” in the space, and very few creative elements to inspire my creative spark.


I believe each piece needs to find it’s place, so I’m taking my time pulling together and pairing items that feel inspiring and fit the creative flow of the home, so…I started small. I re-positioned and filled up a few shelves with vases, decorative items and photos, hung a scroll outside my home office in the hallway and put away art that felt flat or like it longer fits the person I am now. I also propped up some art pieces in a “test location”.


After the shift I am more open, aware and feel a sense of clearing in my heart. My insights are also deeper, more expansive.


Now that a new season is under way, why not fire up creative energy by infusing it with more interesting artwork? Even if you change just one piece, who knows what kind of difference it will make?


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