Creativity Kick-Start: Switch Up Artwork and Decorations for a Creative Energy Surge

  The items you choose to decorate your home definitely have an impact on your creative energy and inspiration. Family antiques, mementos from trips, photos, paintings, posters or sculptures draw your eye, each contributing to the creative vibe of your personal space. In many ways, the familiarity of your artwork feels reassuring, like a little bit of beautiful, comfy consistency in the chaos of life.   It can also lull your creative spark to sleep.   Over time you … [Read more...]

Can you Tell when Judgment Creep Snuffs Out your Creative Spark?

  Have you ever dealt with judgement creep? It’s the naggy, negative self-talk that drips with comments about unmet expectations and snuffs out your creative spark.   On the low end of the spectrum, judgement creeps starts out as a subtle sense that some of your creative projects or work feels “off”. You are unsatisfied with what you’ve created or place your focus on “getting it right” next time. It may take a little time, but after some space you can see the value in your crea … [Read more...]