4 Simple Ways to Put your Passion First Every Day

  Living your passion is a feeling that expands beyond the container of words we have to explain it. It’s an inner knowing that’s desired yet sometimes also feared, and it drives you to follow the path it carves until you feel it’s energy flow through you effortlessly.   With something so powerful within us, why aren't we actively expressing our passion every day?   We aren't always sure how to mix it into to a busy life.   There are some things you can do … [Read more...]

What Gets you Out of Bed in the Morning?

  Is it the duties of life, your pet’s butt in your face, screaming kids or your passions — the things you love more than anything else in the world? Your passion could be for watching murder mystery shows, speaking Klingon or simply sitting and meditating with a cup of tea. Whatever it is, that fire, that PASSION is what sustains you throughout life, so are you living yours?   No one even needs to know about it (or them), but this deep, raw part of you needs to be nourished an … [Read more...]

Creative Kickstand: Time to Rev Up or Take a Break?

  People often think creativity as an act of doing, when really it starts as a act of being. Being in the moment, being aware, being open to and delving into feelings; that is where you dive into the creative meat, the real deal.   Seeds of inspiration come from observing so many things; yourself, your surroundings, your past, but they don’t always show up when you want them to. So, when you come to a creative pause what is best? To try and push through the barrier with the e … [Read more...]