Are you a Creative Dabbler? Why it’s Not a Dirty Word

  The term creative dabbler sounds a bit slippery. Almost like an anti-definition or non-committal “yes” hanging out in the ether as a potential rather than an action.   The idea of being defined as a creative dabbler can also elicit strong emotional reactions within people who see it as a put down or reminder that certain talents are still only living possibilities.   In the most general sense, a dabbler is someone who tries lots of things. Sometimes interests and a … [Read more...]

Actively Play With Your Inner Journey Process to Kick-Start Creative and Intuitive Insights

  The inner journey process is a very unique, sacred and personal process. While we may be inspired by what other creatives, spiritually awakened or successful people do to make the most of their creativity and intuitive gifts, it’s still only a seed of external insight until we put it into practice.   Beyond what we learn from models and mentors, each of us need to shape a way to “go within” that works for how we think, the ways we tend to get stuck and the desires that move u … [Read more...]

The Power of Playing with your Seasonal Creative Muse

  I think the creative muse within each of us has two types of seasonal cycles.   One falls in step with nature, bringing a new bundle of energy, sensations and weather conditions every three months. The other is more closely related to personal expansion and how your creativity and self expression change throughout your life. In a sense, you progress through “seasons” of challenge, growth, learning and embracing the “current you” while you allow the old one to fall away. … [Read more...]

Are you Ready for a Creative Collaboration Partner?

  Creative collaboration is the ultimate expression of creative play. Bravely sharing your gifts and insecurities with a collaborative partner is a big step for your heart and psyche on many levels, and offers access to a unique, deep dimension of personal creative exploration. Plus, playing with others is a lot of fun, especially when the creative energy is a match.   Through the act of creative collaboration you are also crafting a mutual intention. This marks a powerful … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Take a Break from a Creative Purpose

  A creative purpose acts as a guide, helping you feel like you are creating towards something that fills your heart and sense of self through self expression. It’s the drive behind what you feel you are meant to do or create in life.   The anxious creative tension that helps fuel a creative purpose, combined with the inner drive to make something with meaning, opens up possibilities coupled with expectations - and it can sometimes feel heavy. Intense, prolonged focus on one g … [Read more...]