Creative Opinions, Which Ones Are You Taking to Heart And Why?

  There will always be people who want to share their creative opinions about what we do. Their words can come across as a harmless, simple suggestions meant to inspire or motivate us, or they may cut wide and deep, venturing into preachy territory.   These two ends of the creative opinions spectrum can start out with good intent, but don’t necessarily foster our creative spirit. However, while you are unable to stop people from sharing their thoughts, what they say is not n … [Read more...]

Acknowledge and Honor Emotions to Take Creative Self-Care to a New Level

  Every road leads through emotions and triggers, especially when it comes to creativity.   As an emotionally-fueled experience, creativity guides you towards what you feel, fear or want to understand more clearly about yourself and the world around you. And when it comes to truly practicing creative self-care, emotions are the guiding force.   In a way, you are always dancing between what you acknowledge you feel, are afraid to feel or don’t understand how to feel. … [Read more...]

Transformation and Getting to the Heart of Your True Creative Identity

  Part of change, real deep inner transformation, has ripple effects on how you honor and relate to your true creative identity.   The way you see, hear and interpret things opens up. What you feel and the degree to which it influences you changes, too. Things that were once satisfying may now feel flat or uninspired, and the people around you may feel like they drain instead of empower you.   This process of opening up towards your true creative identity is why … [Read more...]

Creative Illumination Sparks in the Heart First

  Time away from the computer always clears my perspective and hits a deep, inner reset button, allowing me to crack open new perspectives on creative illumination and settle into a new, refreshed pace.   We all need time to be quiet, tune in and transition into something bigger than our own, well-traveled ways of thinking that can unintentionally trap us into a limiting routine. It’s also easy to turn a blind eye to the walls that slide up around how we justify our ability to … [Read more...]

Seeing the True Value of your Talent Through your Own Eyes and Heart

  It’s easy to use other people’s “lenses” to assess the value of your talent. We each grow up modeling a set of values shared by friends and family that inadvertently define what having a talent really means and it’s importance in the world.   There’s also a societal push to force a talent into something trainable and marketable so that it has some sort of quantifiable worth.   All of these influences impact how you see your unique gifts and can overshadow the most … [Read more...]

Creative Connection, the Heart and the Holidays

  Creative connection starts in the heart space, plain and simple. Whatever your unique gifts, talents, passions or abilities, the heart fuels them all. So what happens when you lose that heart connection or it gets plugged up with emotional junk, especially around the holidays?   Your creative insights “power down” to a slow roll, what you are creating seems “off” or you feel shut off from the joy of the season, which creates a roadblock in your focus and heart. … [Read more...]

Creative Listening Calls for Head and Heart to Collaborate

When you listen, what resources do you call on most -- your ears, mind, heart, intuition, or senses? Creative listening takes all of these tools and one invaluable motivator to tie it all together, a willingness to hear under the surface. The true value in any exchange, whether it takes place within yourself or with a partner or friend, is how you listen to what’s really being said. It’s the glue that acts as a bridge between the meaning, emotional connection and the truth for you … [Read more...]

Body Wisdom and My Story

In my last blog post, I talked about how important it is to listen to your body, and the necessity of being aware of the insight it’s providing you minute by minute about countless things. For example, that afternoon headache could be from staring at the computer or the fact you need glasses, or your body could also be letting you know there may be some things you’re unwilling to see. That’s what happened to me. And I wasn’t listening to my body’s infinite wisdom. The Back Drop I had started … [Read more...]