Balancing Human-ness and the Ego in Business

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed the struggle for the expression of the individual identity in my business dealings, meetings and on social media outlets. Or perhaps as I move through my own personal challenges, it’s something more apparent just to me. Whatever the reason, this blog topic was screaming at me to be expressed. Although it’s a bit different than what I normally cover I couldn’t ignore it. Or perhaps, I just wanted to get a better sense of how others feel about it, too. The “Self” … [Read more...]

Release the Old to Inspire Creativity

As we move along in our hurried lives we collect. We collect ideas, habits, people and thought patterns. Then the realization hits us; we are bogged down feeling heavy, stuck or even trapped. The sudden desire to change something in our lives, anything, comes bubbling up in ways we never expected. We search for any way to find just a little breathing room, and that where the tough part comes in… figuring out what to release to regain flexibility and creative inspiration. Its easy to keep d … [Read more...]