Creativity Kick-Start: Collaborate with a New Creative Partner

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Creative inspiration is catchy, especially when you connect with a collaboration partner who helps bring out new, deeper aspects of your gifts and personal expression. The rush of joining efforts with a like-heart fires up the mind, body and spirit, offering you a chance to see everything with a fresh set of eyes, including what inspires you.


The shared understanding you have with a collaboration partner also leaves everything open as you play off the creative energy of the other, acting as a mutual reflection to create something new and fresh. There are no pre-determined rules or musts – which you often place on your individual creative process without thinking about it – just what you want to create together moving forward.


When you make a mindful choice to invite another creative soul to collaborate, you are doing some important things to enhance your own creative expression that you may not even realize.


You are:

  • Opening up possibilities and extending your connections
  • Giving yourself a reason to make creative expression and play a priority
  • Pushing past doubt or fears in a safe way with someone you trust
  • Offering yourself a way to learn more about your own creative process and blocks through the reflective exchange
  • Sharing your strengths while also providing an opportunity for the other person to share their own


Energy shared between you and a partner also widens perspective and allows both of you to contribute and learn something you may have missed in your singular creative practice. You are each attracted to the co-creation process for different reasons, and it’s only after the collaboration is underway that you start to connect with what those reasons are and why they are meaningful.


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Connection to Something Bigger, Together


Collaboration can be a once and a while thing or part of a regular agreement that acts as a grounded yet inspiring opportunity to grow separately, together. Even if you collaborate with someone and it goes in a completely different direction than planned, you’ve learned something to apply to future projects.


The key to remember about solo or collaborative creative expression is that inspiration occurs most easily when your heart is open and the mind has no expectations about the outcome. Being in the moment as much as possible helps you see more than the road you’ve planned in your mind, and expand into the vision of the next creative spark you want to bring into being.


Feeling like you want a little extra support or insight before jumping into a collaboration adventure with someone? Let’s talk about the pros and cons. Want a extra tips on how to freshen up your own creative fire? Check out my Mini Guide for Connecting with your Inner Guidance and Creative Fire and learn simple ways to nurture your own creative spark.

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