Courage to Create Anew

  There are times when no matter how much we try to piece things together as they are and "make it work", the time has come to create anew. To ask deeper questions. To actively honor intuitive hits and the way we really feel deep in our heart, while coming to peace with what no longer resonates and let go. Sometimes all at once.    These elements are no small things for the heart and soul to consider. Attention to honoring them fully requires radical honesty with … [Read more...]

Honor the Change in Seasons by Reviewing Commitments, Then Redirect Creative Energy

  It’s easy to commit creative energy to something you believe is worthwhile. It’s not as easy to redirect creative energy between ongoing commitments, self-care and unfinished passion projects.   The middle ground between these two aspects is where you really feel the squeeze of unmet personal expectations around what you love to do, mixed up with the stress of deadlines and drudgery of plugging away. This sometimes challenging, unstable energy can push projects to the way … [Read more...]

Release, Surrender and Opening Up to Creative Renewal

As we cycle through the seasons, a natural rhythm evolves in the external world related to the earth, as well as in our inner world through creative renewal.   In spring it’s about planting seeds and taking care of them. When summer rolls around, we are surrounded by what’s grown ripe. In fall, harvest is in full swing, as we collect the bounty of what we’ve planted. In winter, the dormant earth reminds us to turn inward in order to release what’s not growing to begin again, guided by … [Read more...]

3 Simple Tips for Listening to your Creative Gut

  The creative gut is an interesting creature. It runs on intuition and is a natural part of you. Yet, over time, you might learn or decide not to trust it.   Between crushed expectations, negative experiences with someone close to you or old patterns you took on from family, your creative gut can lose the upper hand - and you don’t even realize it. Your inner truth becomes harder to sense, and what you really want to see can be hiding behind a super foggy mirror. This makes y … [Read more...]

Weekly Creativity Kick-start: Release with Peace

In a “doing” culture that constantly focuses on growth and moving forward, it’s easy to overlook the beauty of sweet release and how it can expand your creativity. There’s only so much head and heart space available and when it’s cluttered with old fears, disappointments or other people’s problems, creative inspiration can get crowded out of the picture altogether. So do you have a release plan, or in other words, a way to bless and finally let go of what has served you but is now free to go? … [Read more...]