Creativity Kick-Start: How to Rethink Creative Opportunities

  The new year is a built-in invitation to look at everything with a fresh set of eyes, but it’s also a chance to rethink creative opportunities left over from last year. Are there some half-baked ideas still hanging out in the back of your mind? Any current ideas that feel played out and uninspired? What about projects that involve collaborators and shared paths? Do they still feel like a fit?   It’s human nature to want to scrap the old and start over once you get a whiff of … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Write a Thank You Note to your Creative Self

  After a long year of learning, brainstorming, creating and doing, your creative self deserves a big thank you.   Remember all those days filled with chaos and deadlines? The long nights you were poking at your creative muse, begging for it to come up with something fresh and innovative? How about the early mornings spent filling yourself with high-octane coffee, pouring over the fine details of your latest project or idea to make sure every little thing was “just r … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Collaborate with a New Creative Partner

  Creative inspiration is catchy, especially when you connect with a collaboration partner who helps bring out new, deeper aspects of your gifts and personal expression. The rush of joining efforts with a like-heart fires up the mind, body and spirit, offering you a chance to see everything with a fresh set of eyes, including what inspires you.   The shared understanding you have with a collaboration partner also leaves everything open as you play off the creative energy of … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Ask for Help When Creative Frustration Strikes

Creative frustration is not a four letter word, even if it feels like it. The “stuckness” simply offers you an opportunity to see the truth behind a challenge by finding a fresh perspective.   New insight can come through hard work, connections, luck, faith, meditation or simply walking away and taking a breather. However, when your go-to inspiration tools fall flat, along with your belief in yourself, it's easy to toss-up your hands in frustration and walk away from what you’ve started … [Read more...]

Creative Listening Calls for Head and Heart to Collaborate

When you listen, what resources do you call on most -- your ears, mind, heart, intuition, or senses? Creative listening takes all of these tools and one invaluable motivator to tie it all together, a willingness to hear under the surface. The true value in any exchange, whether it takes place within yourself or with a partner or friend, is how you listen to what’s really being said. It’s the glue that acts as a bridge between the meaning, emotional connection and the truth for you … [Read more...]