Hope As A Creative Guide

  As we edge towards the end of one year, and beginning of another, we have a chance to get reacquainted with hope and what it means to us.   We can begin to think about... How is it present or missing from our lives The ways we crave it, and sometimes put it on things that don’t deserve it Times we lost it in ourselves,  along with our ability to connect with, and successfully create, what we dream about in our hearts   The idea of hope can get a b … [Read more...]

Lead With a Grateful Heart To Inspire More Creativity and Love

  How often do you lead with a grateful heart?   Is a daily act or seasonal one?   A community inspired practice or a mindful act of meditation you tap into when feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or ungrounded?   Or do you see a grateful heart as part of who you are intrinsically - the core of what makes you uniquely you because of how you express that feeling?    It can be all and more. There's no one right way. The power is in sharing and … [Read more...]

Opening Up to the True Spirit of Creative Self-Care

  The spirit or energy around your creative self-care practice is driven by your desire and willingness to listen to what resonates, then act on it.    I think of creativity as a spiritual energy. It’s an impulse that comes from somewhere deep within me that I don’t have to understand. I do have to give it permission to be expressed. When I’m stressed, tired, not taking care of myself or have no room for play or visioning, it’s hard to connect with the spirit of … [Read more...]

Acknowledge and Honor Emotions to Take Creative Self-Care to a New Level

  Every road leads through emotions and triggers, especially when it comes to creativity.   As an emotionally-fueled experience, creativity guides you towards what you feel, fear or want to understand more clearly about yourself and the world around you. And when it comes to truly practicing creative self-care, emotions are the guiding force.   In a way, you are always dancing between what you acknowledge you feel, are afraid to feel or don’t understand how to feel. … [Read more...]

Creative Connection, the Heart and the Holidays

  Creative connection starts in the heart space, plain and simple. Whatever your unique gifts, talents, passions or abilities, the heart fuels them all. So what happens when you lose that heart connection or it gets plugged up with emotional junk, especially around the holidays?   Your creative insights “power down” to a slow roll, what you are creating seems “off” or you feel shut off from the joy of the season, which creates a roadblock in your focus and heart. … [Read more...]

Rock a Feeling of Gratitude Year Round

As we head into the holidays, bombarded by commercials and jammed shopping aisles, the idea of gratitude and thanks is often thrown in as an after thought. It's another angle to sell during "the season." It vanishes by January when we are then overwhelmed with ads for getting in shape, as we drag around a big bag of shame from eating one too many holiday cookies and not militantly going to the gym. Lame.   What frustrates me most as we descend into the depths of holiday madness is … [Read more...]