Stand Your Creative Ground With Others

Creative self expression can feel like a very personal risk, especially when you need to stand your creative ground with others. This exact feeling is what keeps so many people from fully diving into their creative passion or expressing themselves -- the fear of how to explain themselves to the world. The truth is you are absolutely not obligated to explain yourself to anyone regarding your creative pursuits, but will most likely need to stand your creative ground at a point when you least … [Read more...]

Check It! Habits and Boundaries

People strive for safety. It drives most if not all our choices, even at the most subconscious of levels, and soon turns into habit. This inherent desire to be comfy, safe and protect ourselves is very instinctual and seems relatively harmless, but can easily transition into a block or challenge in various areas of life. In my work as a writer and healer, time after time I see people who have no idea that their habits and personal boundaries may be causing limitations or frustrations in their … [Read more...]

Cracking Open

We all get stuck. Usually you have an inkling about what’s buggin’ you, but distract yourself into thinking you don’t. Other times the "what"just keeps slipping out of your hands like a snake covered in baby oil. It slithers into the background out of sight, but you feel its presence, lurking in the shadows. Thoughts about the “what” keep you on edge because you don’t know when its finally going to peek out, tongue flickering, to make the big reveal. No way to prepare. And even though there is … [Read more...]

Do Your Routines Burden or Empower You?

  Most of the time when you run into people and ask how they’re doing, they answer in one of two ways: fine, how are you? or I’m swamped; I have so much to do!   Today we are going to talk about the "I’m perpetually busy" response and what it really means.   Look, we all get busy. I get it. Life flows as it does and constant preparing to control every aspect of it is not living, its existing. So, how do you manage the life in front of you before you become entang … [Read more...]