The Healing Power of Getting Clear on your Deepest Creative Truths

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Can you list your creative truths? Are you clear on what you need to create and what can fall away? Do you honor the voice within and give it a creative outlet?


If not, it’s time to be really honest with yourself about what’s keeping you from tapping into the healing power of connecting with your deepest creative truths. Fear? Confusion? Or something bigger, like stepping into the freedom and power of owning your fullest self-expression?


In the process of discovering your voice, you are constantly refining – taking in the new, adding it to the collection of heart-felt insights, and letting go of outdated things that no longer resonate.


This loop of creation and transformation is ongoing and part of your purpose, but the process can get thrown off track when you lose sight of your deepest creative truths, or get dragged down by the “extras” – extra drama, distractions and insecurities.


As life ebbs and flows, you need a way to anchor in what you stand for at your core. The collection of your unique creative truths can keep you rooted while enabling you to reach out like a tree reaches upward into the sky towards sunlight to grow and expand.


Are you clear on how your creative truths are guiding you right now?


A Simple Exercise to Help you Get Clear and Anchor Creative Truth in your Heart


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If you are unsure of where you stand, feel like you are slogging through oatmeal, or never see your creative ideas translate into reality, it’s time to reaffirm your creative truths. Think of this like a personal operating agreement that outlines the energetic intentions and values you hold dear for your creative self.


  • Get quiet, sit with the thoughts swirling around in your head, get them on paper and out of your brain. Just write out everything you can think of and be honest about what you think, feel, fear and desire when it comes to your self-expression.


  • Step away from what you’ve written for at least 24 hours and re-read it with a fresh mind and heart. Sift through it all to focus on the creative truths that honor your path and where you want to go. Put them to paper with fresh perspective and wording.


  • Take your final list of creative truths and decorate it with glitter, paint, stickers, doodles, photos. Hang it somewhere you can read it every day.


Here are some of my creative truths. My hope is that they inspire you to connect more deeply and put yours to paper to fully expand into their power:


  • Creativity is my path to self-awakening, transformation and a way to connect with my spirituality.
  • Writing is my most powerful personal healing tool. It cracks open my heart, helps me embrace my shadow, brings me closer to my inner truths and helps me understand others more deeply.
  • When I share my writing in the world, I’m offering a way for others to connect with me.
  • To me, creativity includes the expanse of who I am and how I see the world around me in unique ways.
  • I can never run out of creativity, even when I feel momentarily stuck or blocked.


Healing Starts with Full Creative Honesty


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We all need a reminder from time to time of why the act of creating is worth it; a prompt for what lights your creative fire and inspires you to move forward with renewed energy and spirit. Make your creative truths easy to see and hard to forget. Turn your pain into growth. Inspire others so they build confidence to do the same. Get real with what your deepest creative truths are right now, and clear away the nonsense to do what matters most – shine your light and heal.


Creativity connects us all in ways we can’t even begin to imagine, so find the right hearts to connect to by getting clear on your own creative truths.


Do you have a clear list of your creative truths? Why are why not? Do you reconnect or refine them regularly?


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