Creative Empowerment is a Commitment to Practicing Your Truth, Moment to Moment

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There’s something about the idea of creative empowerment that can feel a bit slippery as a concept.


Is it an action? Feeling? Belief? All of the above?


Something we are born with? Learn? Practice?


A lofty goal that can never be attained?


I like to think of creative empowerment as an invitation to live into what we are becoming through what we are creating, moment to moment. Or in other words, how we step into life and act or react to what is flowing by us.


Making Our Truth the Constant Instead of Outside Influences


As emotional beings we change our minds – a lot. We break and heal our hearts, then transform into a new version of ourselves as we build clarity around what feels true and empowering now. We discover where we are bending a little too much, and the places where our passion has filtered down to a trickle from a full blown flame.


Our hearts also show us where we are feeling less than or disconnected from what we really want, as external distractions leave us feeling empty, unsupported or lonely.


This is why creative empowerment is so rich and dynamic, yet so hard to define until we live through it to collect some context.


We can’t control the pace of life, or what happens to us while we are learning and growing. We also have no idea what the world is going to bring to our door or take away.


Yet, we are capable of taking a deep breath, listening to what pops up, then deciding if it’s true for us, in that moment.


It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process with lots of mental loops or analytical review. The simplest form of truth is what we are looking for – the gut feeling before judgment and over thinking step in and take over. It can be a long standing intuitive feeling we haven’t acted on yet, or a gut-inspired moment that feels like a lightning bolt of truth.


The most important part is just knowing that this particular truth resonates above all else.


When we know our truth, and practice discernment by listening to it regardless of distractions and white noise, something interesting starts to happen. Choices become simpler and clearer, and we trust them. Confidence starts to build. The usual mental deliberation and doubt starts to fade.


All that’s left is to take consistent, deliberate steps to honor that inner knowing in the external world, moment by moment, to fully commit to our own expression of creative empowerment.


The Invitation


Over the next 30 days (whenever you happen to be reading this) I invite you to pick one aspect of living your truth that you want to practice. It can be around personal expression, communication and connection in relationships, a creative project, or creating boundaries and stronger self care.


  1. Once you’ve decided the topic, get quiet. Meditate. Walk. Journal. Listen to relaxing music. Whatever will get you in a zone where you can hear your truth in that specific area of focus.
  2. Craft that truth into a single sentence mantra. Write it down where you can see quickly and easily.
  3. Refer back to it in order to help you begin to practice creative empowerment, one moment at a time.



  • Any time you feel challenged internally, say it to yourself.
  • When you feel challenged by another, practice saying it in a neutral, but self- supportive way.
  • When you feel overwhelmed or uncertain, use the mantra to recenter yourself and step back into the certainly you had when you wrote the mantra in the first place.


Want to share how it went? I would love to hear from you! Please email me or post any comments in the section below to share a little about your creative empowerment journey!


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