Time to Trust Your Feelings As A Guide To Clarity and Self Mastery

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This may seem like a cliche, but it really is more important than ever to trust your feelings as a guide to clarity and self mastery.


And I’ll tell you why.


We are all going through loss, fear, growth, challenges, and set-backs in different ways. While the details of our personal experiences are unique, we have an opportunity as a global community to step into this universal slow down and actively reset how we align feelings and actions. This includes any sparks of friction and discord, appreciating the simple joys we often take for granted, and everything in between.


We also now have room available in our mind and heart to acknowledge deeper feelings and practice listening to them differently – instead of fearing or glossing over them.

Practice Listening to Yourself Without Judgment


The word “practice” is very important here.


The pace of life is no longer predictable. We all have the opportunity to rethink habits we were practicing on auto-pilot, and transition into doing things in new ways. We have to trust in the actions we are taking to keep up with daily life, because there’s no way of knowing how, or when, certain actions will pay off beyond the current moment.


This act in and of itself can feel terrifying, especially if you are new to trusting your own inner guidance or aren’t sure how. However, each of us can use this pause to practice the process and get better at listening to ourselves without judgement or assumptions tossed into the mix.


TRUTH: No one is an expert right now, especially not on your life and emotional experiences. It’s essential to take time to really listen to yourself, dig into the context behind experiences and emotional reactions, and then practice ways to trust your feelings as a guide to clarity and self mastery. It’s a moment to moment act of being present, something our “old” pace of life wasn’t able to support as easily in the day to day. With the aid of this universal time out we can pause and rethink collectively, while acting differently as we grow on our independent paths.


Sure, guides and mentors can certainly help you notice when you are discounting the power and guidance of your own feelings, or distracting yourself from the deeper messages and patterns they are revealing. Absolutely reach out to people that can help amplify or unravel the emotions or messages you are receiving, so you can find a fresh path forward.


However, the biggest message I’m getting is that we all have an opportunity to pause and notice what’s really here, and of value, as the noise of old drama, fears, misunderstandings, challenges, outdated behaviors, patterns and mismatched energies fade away.


And when you really listen, you’ll begin to see a new path to freedom emerging – one where you notice, hear, and actually trust your feelings as a guide to clarity and self mastery.


Simple Tips to Help you Practice Listening More Deeply


Maybe you need to build a fresh routine of listening and self-care, maybe you just need to mix up your current one up a bit. There’s no “right” way to move through change, but it’s a really powerful time to embrace listening in a deeper way. Plus, transformation of daily life is happening whether we like it or not, so why fight it?


The most powerful tool for all of us right now is accepting that global change is continuing and we have an anchor that can keep us grounded – our own feelings and guidance. Here are some simple ways to create space for deeper listening and acknowledgement:

  • Meditate regularly
  • Journal about daily life or start a gratitude journal
  • Take time in nature and exercise
  • Listen to relaxing music often
  • Write a letter to yourself sharing what you love, dislike or would like to change
  • Write a letter to someone who has hurt you and share your feelings – with or without sending it
  • Call the people you miss and love and tell them
  • Forgive yourself
  • Catch your mind when it goes into blame, judgment or fear – and gently talk it back to the present
  • Create, create, create – even if all you are doing is brainstorming ideas


Build a mix of these things into a practice, doing some daily or every few days, while working up to others as you move in a fresh routine.


And even if we want a “why” for all of this, don’t focus on trying to discover a satisfying specific answer. The best and most accurate “reason” we have, is that the earth wanted all of us to have a time out, and to take a rest herself. Hear what she sounds like right now if you are curious. 


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