Why Practicing Creative Discernment is Essential for Everyone

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There is an art to practicing creative discernment, or in other words, your personal ability to sense if something is in alignment with you and the deepest expression of your creative truth.


And right now you might be asking yourself, why is creative discernment important if I already create from my heart and go for what I want? You might also say, does this matter if I don’t really see myself as “creative”?


My answer is yes, it matters, and here’s the core reason.


You don’t always know why something feels in alignment, (or not) without a deeper clarity of the underlying criteria you are basing that feeling upon.


For example, when a direction, idea, project, or connection feels good to pursue, do you have a clear idea as to why?


  • Is it based on facts you’ve researched and recent trends?
  • A gut feeling you are unable to shake?
  • Core beliefs and self-clarity from deep inner self exploration?
  • Encouragement and connection with fellow creatives and creative entrepreneurs?


Or, is the desire to move forward (or not) inspired by:


  • A familiar pattern of lack, doubt, and outdated belief patterns about plodding along out of duty or obligation?
  • Fear that doing something new and different makes you feel too vulnerable?
  • Hidden desire to stay in the “safe zone” of current success and free of criticism?
  • Lack of trust that you are actually strong, talented, and ready?


We each hold certain beliefs as deep truths, and tie them to our identity and value. They become cemented as “real” through personal experiences, family patterns, comparison tendencies and other means, and serve as “validation” you are doing the right thing to honor your inner voice and heart.


Yet, if these aspects are outdated, not your own, or do not serve the person you are now, you are basically getting a gut instinct to act from a past self, not a current one. When that happens, the way you practice creative discernment is also outdated, and builds a pattern of creating something that feels good to start, but never grows into something authentic or feels fulfilling.


Finding the Core of your Personal Power Through Creative Discernment


The power of your art and personal creative expression in life shows what you truly believe and value, as much as it shows where you are still afraid and the conflicts you are trying to avoid or resolve. It’s also how you refine the art of practicing creative discernment in every part of your life, from work, to personal relationship building, to physical art pieces and self expression, and the way you approach business as a creative entrepreneur.


As we move into a new season of what’s possible and gain clarity on what to cut loose, think about the art of practicing creative discernment in the day to day. Lightly explore elements from past experiences or outcomes that keep you feeling bound to create and believe in the same way as always, while playing with creating in a new way that reflects the truth of who you are now, and want to become as you grow.


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