Time to Break Ties With What Is No Longer Your Truth, For Good

  When it’s time to break ties with what is no longer your truth, you don’t necessarily have an active choice in the decision.   It can start off as a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right. Then it moves into a state of frustration, and no matter how you try to push forward, things are at a standstill- as your feelings get more rocky and intense. Then you reach a point where things can morph into full blown melt-down mode where the friction and discord is so clear th … [Read more...]

Practicing Creative Closure and Coming to Peace With What Is

  In my experience, creative closure is an essential part of the creative process. It’s the part that stings, disappoints and sometimes sets us back, as much as it teaches humility, imbues us with hard won wisdom, and sets us free.   The challenge is in understanding how we come to creative closure in our mind and heart, even when saying goodbye to something feels forced or like a last resort.   As much as we want reasons and clarity why something isn’t flowing or … [Read more...]

What Would You Create If Time Didn’t Matter?

  I don’t know about you, but the element of time definitely plays a role in what I choose to create.   It takes time to connect with an idea and it’s possibilities, gather resources and shift into “creative mode”. In addition, creativity requires us to feel like it’s “worth it" to start on a project and consistently follow through until it’s finished, whether it’s for yourself or a client.   And there’s also that perfection part of us that can slip in, wondering i … [Read more...]

Refine Personal Filters To Access Deeper Self-Awareness and Creativity

  How we manage our personal filters, or practice discernment, is a pretty important skill. Especially now.   Between political shifts, media overload and a general sense of energetic imbalance in the world, it can be hard to hear our own truth - or hear it loudly enough to focus on it for more than two minutes.   When it comes to times of big change in the external world, we can’t help but change, too. The influence of new triggers or the discovery of fresh i … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Break your Own Creative Mold

  It’s a fresh New Year - time to break the creative mold! I’m excited to spice up the weekly Creativity Kick-Start with a new focus and insights to help you move past creative blocks, connect with new depths of self-expression and build up a stronger sense of creative wholeness.   This year, my Monday posts are about how to dive into and navigate the waves of current creative energy impacting all of us. Each week I will share a new theme to help you focus and work through per … [Read more...]

Is Your Creative Voice Ready for a Change?

  Your creative voice is distinct; unlike anyone else’s. You aren’t required to label yourself as an artist or define yourself as “creative” to have or use your creative voice, it’s simply how you express your inner essence. The voice is a natural part of you, whether you express it outwardly or not. When things get hard or confusing in your life, often unexpectedly, it can be more challenging to connect with or honor your creative voice in the same ways. You can feel smashed around, s … [Read more...]

Stand Your Creative Ground With Others

Creative self expression can feel like a very personal risk, especially when you need to stand your creative ground with others. This exact feeling is what keeps so many people from fully diving into their creative passion or expressing themselves -- the fear of how to explain themselves to the world. The truth is you are absolutely not obligated to explain yourself to anyone regarding your creative pursuits, but will most likely need to stand your creative ground at a point when you least … [Read more...]

Throw Out What you Think you Know and Embrace Renewal

Each spring the human race feels compelled to wash windows, clean out closets and give our home the once over. The cathartic act of physical cleaning is peaceful in its own way, helping us slough off winter energy and prepare for a fiery new spring adventure among the tweeting birds and budding trees. It’s instinctual. In spring we also feel a renewed sense of wanting to "get moving." We don’t always know why or where we’re headed, but it’s a very deep desire to shake things up and get on the … [Read more...]