Is Your Creative Voice Ready for a Change?

  Your creative voice is distinct; unlike anyone else’s. You aren’t required to label yourself as an artist or define yourself as “creative” to have or use your creative voice, it’s simply how you express your inner essence. The voice is a natural part of you, whether you express it outwardly or not. When things get hard or confusing in your life, often unexpectedly, it can be more challenging to connect with or honor your creative voice in the same ways. You can feel smashed around, s … [Read more...]

Creative Change, Jagged Edges and Honoring the Whole Path

  Creative change comes in one of two ways. You can go chasing after it, charging face first into the flames and ready for anything, or it crashes the party, smashing through life as you know it with an invitation to dance.   As an observer kinda gal, I tend to look for quite some time before I leap, feeling into things and turning the tumblers of my mind over all the angles. I can see the promise of creative change waving at me as inspiration; a guide to follow one of many … [Read more...]

How your Values Impact your Creative Drive

Creativity starts with a spark of inspiration, but a spark is just a spark unless your creative drive kicks in to put energy and motivation behind an idea to take it further. What fuels the creative drive? A sense of intrinsic value and purpose, something that you may not even realize is operating behind the scenes and impacting your creative view. So when is the last time you even thought about what you value or how you came to value it? It might be time to tune-up those filters and … [Read more...]

Are you Too Attached to a Specific Creative Picture?

The way you see your creative self is guided, in part, by a combination of past experiences and future expectations. You know what works and what doesn’t, what was painful and what was best left as an “experiment”. This view influences your perspective on all sorts of things, including the specifications you use to rate creative projects, client interactions or new ideas as potential successes or failures. This approach is perfectly understandable -- until you go back to the first sentence of … [Read more...]

Creativity or Guilt, Which One is Winning?

It’s easy to say you want to spend time on your creativity and expand into a more playful, creative life. When it comes to actually doing it, there are a host of reasons that easily turn into excuses and then obstacles -- especially once the mind digs in. The most common distraction? Guilt. One thing the mind is great at creating all day long are ways to make you feel guilty. Do any of these statements sound familiar? So much to do...who has time for creativity? No space to do my c … [Read more...]

Cutting Creative Baggage Loose

  Do you know your own creative baggage? Where it lives, hides or how it feeds itself? How about when it likes to make an appearance? This slippery little minx can make herself pretty scarce, and then suddenly reappear, sending you into a bit of a tizzy with no clear cause and a mess to clean up. So if this sounds familiar and you really want to shift away from drama, the most important question to ask yourself is this... Are you really ready and willing to shake your creative … [Read more...]

The Inner Mirror and Expanding Creative Freedom

Everyone has an inner mirror. It’s a tool that reflects back to you a collection of thoughts, ideas, emotions and experiences that shape how you see yourself. Often your inner mirror is a bit dirty, carrying residue from what you consider failures, heartbreaks, mistakes or disappointments. Yet, this mucky buildup is really just the opportunity to see what needs to shift, so you can to break free from self-judgement and expand into creative freedom. A common unconscious reaction is to try and b … [Read more...]

Dancing with the Creative Shadow of Possibility

Dancing with the creative shadow is mysterious and alluring, like dabbling in magic without knowing the backstage insider tricks. Yet, it’s really just another aspect of you offering the ultimate invitation -- to dive in and enjoy the ride of creative self-discovery. The question is, are you curious enough (or frustrated enough) to jump in and see what the shadow has to offer? The creative shadow is the inner evolution of how you connect to your full authentic self, both the light and dark. Y … [Read more...]

Is there a Creative Success Formula?

Is there a creative success formula? A series of steps that when done, to the letter, will create abundance, acknowledgement and happiness? It’s a big question with a simple answer -- yes and no. The bigger question is what is creative success to you, and what are you willing to do, or not do, to move towards it? The Fantasy of “Making It” Let’s get real; we each have our own fantasy of what “making it” looks and feels like if money were no object. This type of prompt helps you break free from … [Read more...]

Tune into Your Inner Voice for Truth, the Rest is Just Static

Self-motivated change is one of the benefits of being human. You can decide at any point to change your life completely. Pick up and move. Quit a job or kickstart a new career. Begin a relationship or finally put an old one out of it’s misery. And while making these big choices (as well as all the small ones that follow) your powerful inner voice is by your side. Your rock. The trusty friend that takes all our phone calls and is available at all hours. But in times of big change you can get c … [Read more...]