What Would You Create If Time Didn’t Matter?

  I don’t know about you, but the element of time definitely plays a role in what I choose to create.   It takes time to connect with an idea and it’s possibilities, gather resources and shift into “creative mode”. In addition, creativity requires us to feel like it’s “worth it" to start on a project and consistently follow through until it’s finished, whether it’s for yourself or a client.   And there’s also that perfection part of us that can slip in, wondering i … [Read more...]

So, When Does the REAL You Show Up?

Photo by happykatie I’ve been asking myself this very question a lot lately, not necessarily for personal inquiry as much as to reevaluate relationships in my life that have languished or gone south very suddenly. Sticking with my perspective that everything I experience is a lesson I need to learn,  I’m finally seeing some ways I was not showing up authentically for MYSELF, and that was clearly demonstrated in these broken relationships. And after reflecting on that for a few months, I hav … [Read more...]