What Would You Create If Time Didn’t Matter?

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I don’t know about you, but the element of time definitely plays a role in what I choose to create.


It takes time to connect with an idea and it’s possibilities, gather resources and shift into “creative mode”. In addition, creativity requires us to feel like it’s “worth it” to start on a project and consistently follow through until it’s finished, whether it’s for yourself or a client.


And there’s also that perfection part of us that can slip in, wondering if we should even start something because it might take too long to make it “just right”.


On days like today when a cold has made my tissue box my best friend, my mind drifts to what I could be doing with the hours of my day if I felt better. Or if I had the ability to breathe through my nose or lie down to sleep. My whining aside, this “inconvenience”  is one of a variety of challenges that show up when plans to create something run head-on into real life, and change the way we would have used the time differently. Depending on the circumstances, it can also completely change what we choose to create, too. 


It’s easy to get frustrated about how our time it being used, rather than thinking of ways to shift gears and use the minutes of life in a more wise, heart-centered way. When this happens, time takes over our self-expression and keeps us stuck in old patterns of “minding the clock”, rather than our creative spark and joy. 


We’ve all heard the question, “What would you create if money were not a factor?” I think the more important question to ask is what would you create if time didn’t matter? If there were no deadlines, pressures or need to get things done. If you could travel into the past and future to gather materials or meet interesting new people, or travel across dimensions to visit any planet of your choosing. What would you create?


While time has it’s uses, the call of creativity is timeless because it originates in the heart. When we can feel into an idea, connect with it, see all the possibilities, and tune into how we feel right now (not a future time on the calendar), it allows us to create more authentically. It also empowers us to be more creative in how we use our time.


Today I’m choosing to create selfcare and make lots of hot tea as I write this short post to all of you. What would you create right now if time didn’t matter? Would you allow yourself to play and experiment more without judgement or pressure? 


If you are interested in support to shift into using your time in a way that feels more natural or to tap into some deeper creative gifts, connect with me for creativity coaching or an intuitive reading