The Heart Knows, The Mind Follows Its Lead

  There is always a push to choose between the guidance of heart and the mind, as if one is better than the other.   Some of it has to do with the way society has created these aspects as identifiers, the other has to do with the way we see our core tendencies in comparison to ideals or other people.   Whether you identify as a heart-driven person or a mind-oriented person, everyone expresses qualities of both depending on what we feel or fear moment to … [Read more...]

Heal the Survival Self, Dream With the Thriving Self

  What part of you wants to create and allows yourself to dream - the survival self or the thriving self?   It’s an important question to ask.   The creative dreams, goals and hopes we hold dear are clearly connected to an aspect within us. So the question becomes, is the impulse to create coming from a place of pure joy (thriving self), or a place of safety (survival self)? Are you willing to hear the answer?   To find out, it helps to get a clearer u … [Read more...]

Refine Personal Filters To Access Deeper Self-Awareness and Creativity

  How we manage our personal filters, or practice discernment, is a pretty important skill. Especially now.   Between political shifts, media overload and a general sense of energetic imbalance in the world, it can be hard to hear our own truth - or hear it loudly enough to focus on it for more than two minutes.   When it comes to times of big change in the external world, we can’t help but change, too. The influence of new triggers or the discovery of fresh i … [Read more...]

Creativity Flows Once you Let Go of Perfect

Your creativity is not a static experience. It flows according to your thoughts, desires, interests, expectations and passions as well as your frustrations and disappointments. When you are stuck on a particular thought (positive or negative) it sets the stage, and focus, on whatever keeps running through your mind and heart, limiting or expanding creativity.   However, that doesn’t mean that you have to think positive thoughts at every waking moment (unless you want to). It does mean … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Take Photos to Expand the Creative Eye

  Your creative eye is a window into yourself, whether you realize it or not. Lifestyle, family, relationships, personal highs and lows all play a part (sometimes subconsciously) in what you see as beautiful and inspiring, negative or depressing. These are the real tools that shape what you see as picture-worthy and inspiring, acting as a connection point to your inner creative sense of self.   That’s why a creative eye does not require lessons, artistic parents or an a … [Read more...]

Blending a Creative Pause into your Lifestyle

A creative pause is very powerful as a little sweet spot between meditation and action. It’s a time when you willingly take a break from all your activities, routines and planning to enjoy a little treat with no agenda. It can be something you do once a day, once a week or however often you allow in an absence of focus (without guilt), enabling your heart and mind to wander aimlessly to new places and daydreams.   While meditation is often a focused time where you try to limit the i … [Read more...]

Why Creative Gratitude is Essential for Healing Creative Blocks

Creative gratitude is more than feeling appreciation for the AH-mazing creative insight you got in your dream last night or the “light bulb” moment that smashed into your brain while you were in the shower. I’m talking about a deep, conscious way of living that you carry with you in all you do, aware and grateful of how each experience or encounter (and subsequent reaction) shapes your life in a creative way. That shitty thing that happened yesterday? Turn it into a blog post that takes your p … [Read more...]