Is Your Creative Voice Ready for a Change?

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Your creative voice is distinct; unlike anyone else’s. You aren’t required to label yourself as an artist or define yourself as “creative” to have or use your creative voice, it’s simply how you express your inner essence. The voice is a natural part of you, whether you express it outwardly or not.

When things get hard or confusing in your life, often unexpectedly, it can be more challenging to connect with or honor your creative voice in the same ways. You can feel smashed around, squeezed of your resolve. The creative voice inside you feels faint or maybe even shattered to bits. Ideas, desires and patterns that used to make sense now feel like mismatching puzzle pieces, but it’s all you’ve go to work with – or so you think.


Consider this – what if these experiences are just an invitation from life to step into change and expand into a bigger expression of your creative voice?


Take a moment (or many moments) to reflect on that inner part of you and what it wants to express in the world. The insights or pictures you get don’t have to be logical, pretty or make sense in your head right now. Just invite yourself to see and get in touch with the information that shows up in it’s little zig zaggy ways.


After you’ve had a moment to see the bits pieces, write them down. After a few days, read it over and ask yourself…


Has my creative voice has evolved with me? Has it become clearer, more seasoned with age or muddied with judgement or expectations?


Or… has it not grown at all?


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The Long and Winding Path to You


Everyone starts out in life with ideas that seem like a second skin, with expectations of being something you think you want. But how could you possibly know that deepest truth without giving yourself an opportunity to grow into yourself through experience?


Changing your creative voice is a passive process in the sense that experiences and life shape it along your journey. It’s also an active process, inviting you to make the choice to push through what you fear and step into the shoes of the creative voice that fits you now, not the you from days gone by or the version you expected to be.


If you feel like the creative voice you are using feels a bit snug or limiting, or that your ability to express it has hit a flatline or simply isn’t working, change is knocking. Are you ready and willing to see where it wants to lead you?

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