Throw Out What you Think you Know and Embrace Renewal

Each spring the human race feels compelled to wash windows, clean out closets and give our home the once over. The cathartic act of physical cleaning is peaceful in its own way, helping us slough off winter energy and prepare for a fiery new spring adventure among the tweeting birds and budding trees. It’s instinctual.

In spring we also feel a renewed sense of wanting to “get moving.” We don’t always know why or where we’re headed, but it’s a very deep desire to shake things up and get on the race track, so to speak. But there is a problem with that kind of thinking. Race tracks are closed in; they go in a circles. There is no way to make real progress towards anything, other than an arbitrary finish line that is already pre-determined. The real power is in taking the time to first think about where you want the road to actually go.

What Stays and What Goes?

This has been an interesting question for me lately. I’ve noticed people, things and work opportunities that no longer feel good in my orbit. In some cases specific actions took place that made me clearly realize the connection was kaput. Then the choice became a no-brainer. Others have been a bit more gut-wrenching and personal to let go because they have become part of how I identify myself in the world. As I change and grow, I have realized how important it is to acknowledge, honor and thank those parts of myself that have served their purpose, but now must be put into retirement.

My biggest shift in this spring season has been in turning inward to ask myself what I really want, releasing the compulsion to run around with a need for action without a cause. I’m also resisting the urge to “do” just for the sake of doing. Most people feel this similar tug, but instead they choose to fill their day with tasks and plans to help blot it out. It’s even easier to do when the weather is nice and there are so many beautiful, fun opportunities for distraction.

Honor Your Soul’s Desires and Things Get Simpler

Taking the time to honor your deepest soul desires is much more of an experience than an action. It deserves respect, time and special attention away from the noise of your mind. Reflection time after physical exercise can help those that feel better about zoning out after they have “accomplished” something, and the body has had a chance to release some mental chatter. Early morning and before bed are also good times to linger in or slide into that dream like state of reflection and receiving.

No matter when and how you do it, the important part is that you allow space for it. For many (including myself at times) the real fear is the shift itself, the fear that things will never be the same as they are now. Well, the truth is that if you are feeling incongruent with your own life things NEED to shift. No one else can tell you what that needs to be or how it will happen. So forget the “how”and figure out your own “what.” The events that happen next are all part of your own personal journey, meant to unfold in a way that offers the information you need to move forward with confidence and grace.

Photo credit: AuntieP

The other side of every fear is freedom. Alan Watts