Refine Personal Filters To Access Deeper Self-Awareness and Creativity

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How we manage our personal filters, or practice discernment, is a pretty important skill. Especially now.


Between political shifts, media overload and a general sense of energetic imbalance in the world, it can be hard to hear our own truth – or hear it loudly enough to focus on it for more than two minutes.


When it comes to times of big change in the external world, we can’t help but change, too. The influence of new triggers or the discovery of fresh information always invites us to step up and see what’s next. It can also call us to action or push us to hide.


We do have a choice to make, even if we feel boxed in. We can choose to stop, get grounded, listen and go deeper into our truth by refining our personal filters. This helps block excess noise and understand ourselves better, which leads to a deeper awareness and expression of the true creative self.


We Always Have The Power To Upgrade Our Personal Filters


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Our personal power lies in our ability to discern based on what we need, want and what will bring us joy, moment to moment. The question is, are you crafting filters based on past fears, experiences or beliefs? Or are you tuning into today, to what’s calling your creative heart? 


Creativity is born out of the emotions we feel, desire to feel, miss feeling or a feeling we use to relate to the hearts of others. When we take a step back and re-evaluate how we filter ourselves and our world, we start to notice things may be a bit lopsided. Maybe there is too much television, news, gossip and other people’s drama, and not enough meditation, fun, nature or down time. To put it another way, maybe there’s no window of time to feel your emotions and honor what’s needed because all of your intuitive channels are blocked with external “gunk” and no joy.


Sometimes personal filters are just a bit out-of-date and reflect “old” settings, even though we’ve experienced some deep self-awareness and creative growth in the meantime. Perhaps the “lizard brain” is still pushing us into fear first or calling us to jump into action, without feeling into where things need to move next.


Please keep in mind that even “enlightened” people feel challenged in leaving behind the reactionary fight or flight response. The positive growth and changes they have experienced, however, are due to how they refined their unique personal filters. 


The trick is not to block everything that makes us emotional or upset, but to create settings that allow in what’s important for creativity, happiness and self-growth (even if some might be challenging), then update filters as we learn. For example, I suspended my account on Facebook two years ago because it was making me grumpy. I recently had to get back into the platform to access an online class. I don’t miss it, but my personal filter is clear – I get on Facebook to access what I need for class, and that’s all, and it definitely helps. 


Set Personal Filters To Limit “Noise” While Allowing For Surprises


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During my morning walk today I had a lot on my mind. I’ve been pushing through to some big internal “ah-ha’s” for myself these last few weeks, and was a bit distracted as I headed out into the neighborhood. For the first few moments I was getting grounded in my body, stepping out of my head, and slowly started becoming aware of the space around me, just like any other day.


Then I started hearing all the birds. It’s pretty warm in Colorado today, so they were out and about singing and joining each other on bare tree limbs, filling them with life. I noticed my favorite bird, the black-capped chickadee, then I HEARD them. I’ve never actually heard one up close; usually they hop limb to limb when I walk by, trying to evade my prying eyes. But to hear one today brought so much joy to my heart. Their light, cheery song was perfect because it lifted me in a deep way that I didn’t realize I needed until that moment. I had been listening inwardly all weekend, so an external expression of joy was such a treat!


black-capped chicadee, Audubon

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As my walk went on I saw a lovely woman with her adorable puppy (and she let me pet him), tons of Robins, some chatty Crows and something super awesome, just under my feet on the sidewalk.


A chalk drawing of the words – You Are Radiant.


As I looped back through the neighborhood to go home, I saw a few more chalk hearts spread throughout the individual cement blocks. Every time, I smiled a little more.


Whoever decided to share a little extra was simply sharing a piece of their creative selves. In turn, it inspired me.


Think of all the ways you may be inspired more deeply and fully just because you decided to close a few filters that let in garbage and open up more that allow in what you love and lights your passion? On the flip side, when you focus on what you truly love and want to create, who knows all the ways it will inspire others. 


What are some of the ways you practice setting up personal filters to build stronger self-awareness and deeper creative insight?


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