Blending a Creative Pause into your Lifestyle

creative pause

A creative pause is very powerful as a little sweet spot between meditation and action. It’s a time when you willingly take a break from all your activities, routines and planning to enjoy a little treat with no agenda. It can be something you do once a day, once a week or however often you allow in an absence of focus (without guilt), enabling your heart and mind to wander aimlessly to new places and daydreams.


While meditation is often a focused time where you try to limit the influx and attention on the rush of incoming thoughts, a creative pause is more about having no task or agenda as you play with your thoughts. Sit and stare into space, gently observe the world going by along with insights you receive, or doing something simple and mindful can all be considered a creative pause.


It’s in this space of pause you create room for release as well as room for growth and expansion on an unconscious level. 


If thoughts come in, play with them. Ask why they are showing up. Give them space to grow and expand into something, or show you what emotions are percolating under the surface, ready for expression. If you constantly shut thoughts and emotions out during restful times, how can they engage and grow into something that helps you grow, too?



Is a Creative Pause a Ritual?

To make a practice out of a creative pause is almost like a ritual. Taking the time to center your mind, body and soul into union (in whatever ways work for you) and then allowing in a creative pause opens up room for ALL parts of you to take a break, collectively, to step into new, fresh vibrations.   Is there a specific way to introduce a creative pause in your life? Absolutely not. All you need is desire, a grounded inner connection and an open heart. Here are some simple examples:

  • Light a candle
  • Burn some incense
  • Repeat a mantra
  • Offer up gratitude
  • Eat a healthy snack
  • Watch the clouds roll by
  • Listen to music
  • Breathe in the scent of fresh flowers
  • Feel the sun on your face
  • Watch ducks float on a pond


And millions of other small, freeing actions that help you to become present and take in the agenda-free moment. The more you practice, the easier it will be to feel into the moment and take a “mini-break” naturally, and you will start to notice how many more you can add to your day quite easily.


The one trick to a creative pause is having no agenda other than simply committing to the creative pause itself. Roll in it. See what the mind throws against the wall and if the thought inspires you or deters you. Take in the sensations, a new awareness or emotions that roll through, experience them and then let them go. It can be a very freeing experience.


Living in a 24 hour service society and culture, it’s so easy to let your body do the same, unintentionally, creating conditions where you are constantly engaged and ready to take action on some level. Allowing for a creative pause poses an invitation for innovation and expansion led by the heart and inner desires you may not know consciously, but are ready to play with you.


With no goals to meet or specific desires to fulfill, a creative pause is a simple addition to a busy day that can completely shift your outlook and mood. What simple things work for you when you need a mini break? Do you need some help sorting out what makes sense for you and your lifestyle? If so, how can I help?


Photo credit: Rafa Puerta, Stock Images *Special thanks to my friend Jamie McConochie, as part of our soulful conversation was one of the seeds of inspiration for this blog post.